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England misery continues

 KARACHI: Despite all efforts and a winning position England lost the second Test brutally by Pakistan at the Sheikh Zaid Cricket Ground in Abu Dhabi.

England batsmen failed in the first Test match against Saeed Ajmal’s superb bowling though they recovered well in the first innings of the second but all came to nothing and everything went astray when a nominal target could not be accomplished by English players

Here are some statistical facts of England players:

Match No.1 at Dubai International Cricket Ground

Match No. 2 at Abu Dhabi Sheikh Zaid Cricket Ground

Batsman First Inning Second Inning First Inning Second Inning

A.Struass 19 6 11 32

A.Cook 3 5 94 7

J.Trott 17 49 74 1

K.Pietersen 2 0 14 1

I.Bell 0 4 29 3

Morgan 24 14 3 0

Prior 70 4 3 18

A.Strauss (England skipper) so disappointed with their performance in the Test series, actually forced to say that “Pakistan deserved victory”. He was the only person who stood longer than anybody in the second Test while chasing 145runs.With the average score of 17runs/inning in the series Strauss determined to score runs in the final encounter of the Test series against Pakistan

A Cook with average score of 27-25runs in the Test series, Mr. Consistent looks to increase the batting average in the last match of the Test series though it was not a great series for the left-handed batsman but despite odd conditions and brilliant bowling he made in the first innings of the second Test. He looks prominent to get more runs in the next match.

J.Trott known for his reliability and run-making also collapsed when England needed someone to stepup to get 145 in the match at Abu Dhabi. Expectations would be if he’ll be 100 percent in the final match with Pakistan.

K.Pietersen was a big flopped in the Test. Unable to handle the conditions that favoured spinners he only scored 17 in 4 innings. He should reconsider his batting strategy to overcome difficulties.

I Bell ,unlucky or depression, got bowled out in the chase of victory in a pretty unlucky way ,Saeed Ajmal dosra ball ,after reading by Bell hit the stumps and ends the dream for the savior of England.Look to redemption

Morgen who played so well in the English conditions, faced massive failure in the Abu Dhabi test 3runs and nought respectively in the match pushed England selector for further options in Desert conditions. Morgan is a big treat for Pakistan as he only managed to score 41runs in a series

Prior wicket Keeper batsman who made 70runs in the first inning of match #1 become the victom of Seaad Ajmal trice in two matches. He could do something special in the last match against Pakistan.

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