Putin's Presidency By SARFARAZ AHMED

Putin's Presidency-VI: Dangerous dynamics

Published on March 17, 2014That a large number of Muscovites speak out against the Crimea referendum amid a virtual split of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea is a fact that has found its best expression in downtown Moscow. Saturday's anti-referendum rally in Russia's capital was said to be the largest anti-government demonstration since people took to the streets in Russia's capital a day before the inauguration of Vladimir Putin as President for his third term in 2012. Another demonstration in the same city, but much less in terms of participation of people, however, expressed its support for Russian intervention in the region.Read full story

Putin's Presidency-V Arguments fly

Published on March 11, 2014The fact that over 60 percent of Ukrainians identify themselves as Christians of a particular denomination or they belong to a particular branch of the Church with their spiritual leader based in Moscow does not necessarily lend legitimacy to an argument that a Western expert advanced on Kremlin-funded RT television channel recently. According to him, Russia and Ukraine are perhaps in a bond of an unbreakable wedlock. Another Western expert at the same program of that channel made a counter-argument. He argued that the majority of the US population belonged to the Church of England at some point in time but this reality did not prevent them from becoming independent.Read full story

Apropos "Putin's Presidency-III: Obama sweating blood?"

Published on March 07, 2014Apropos "Putin's Presidency-III: Obama sweating blood?" carried by Business Recorder yesterday, it was in fact the 4th part of a multi-part series on the post-Soviet states, particularly the Russian Federation: Putin's Presidency. A 49-part series on the Arab Spring can be accessed via Arab Unrest.Read full story

Putin's Presidency-IV: Obama sweating blood?

Published on March 06, 2014In 1918, US President Woodrow Wilson said that for one year he had been "sweating blood" under the Russian question. According to Woodrow Wilson: A Life for World Peace, he wrote to the House: "I have been sweating blood over the question what is right and feasible to do in Russia. It goes to pieces like quicksilver under my touch, but I hope I see and can report some progress presently, along the double line of economic assistance, and aid to the Czecho-Slovaks".Read full story

Putin's Presidency - III

Published on October 05, 2012Russian roulette is a dangerous game in which a person shoots at their own head with a gun that contains a bullet in only one of its chambers, so that the person does not know if the gun will fire or not. Vladimir Putin was famously accused of playing Russian roulette by Riki Ellison, President of the Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance (MDAA), when Russia tested RS-24 long-range missile in 2007. Ellison had termed that Russian military initiative an effort aimed at intimidating and threatening former Eastern Bloc countries.Read full story

Putin's Presidency - II

Published on October 04, 2012Rarely will any Russia watcher dispute the fact that whatever the West has said about Josef Stalin or Stalinism, Dmitry Medvedev falls for it hook, line and sinker. How does Vladimir Putin look at one of the 'most ruthless dictators' of modern times? The Russian President's usual take on the role that Stalin played during the World War II and in perceptible colder moments of the Cold War conveys his deep but cautious affection and reverence to the "Leader". Stalinism still fascinates many. Highly acclaimed Slovenian philosopher Slavoj Zizek is also one of its noted admirers.Read full story

Putin's Presidency - I

Published on October 03, 2012"Russia needs a prime minister of action and iron will who can lead the country while under enormous pressure. But the communist Duma will do anything to stand in the way of Yeltsin's candidate. Yeltsin engineers a crafty plan to outmaneuver the Duma, catch the parliamentarians off balance, and slip his new prime minister into place."Read full story