Need for national tax court By HUZAIMA BUKHARI AND DR IKRAMUL HAQ

Budget proposals - II: Need for national tax court

Published on May 07, 2011On identical issues, there is no certainty of uniform orders at the level of high courts. It is advisable to place Tax Appellate Tribunal directly under the Supreme Court. Presently thousands of tax references are lying in different high courts of the country. It takes years and years at this forum for taxpayers to get to the first hearing - what to talk of final decision that may take more than ten years under the normal routine.Read full story

Budget proposals - I: Need for national tax court

Published on May 06, 2011In any society, administration and dispensation of justice should be the top most priority. A society without a sound, reliable and speedy judicial system, which does not ensure effective dispensation of justice, cannot survive for long. Administration and dispensation of justice under the various tax laws in Pakistan need serious attention, the entire system being on the brink of disaster.Read full story