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The real energy crisis

Published on January 31, 2015Pakistan has been reeling under energy crisis now for nearly a decade. Why cannot it put its act together? The issue is not with the generation of energy but with the energy of the mind by which a natural resource is put to use. The natural resources of all countries vary in keeping with the ecological and natural biodiversity. The kind of energy that I have in mind has to do with applying Pakistanis own mindset to the natural resource base so that the country develops on its own strengths and weaknesses. There are some fundamental principles that have to be kept in mind. Unless those fundamental principles that apply to all animate creatures. The first is that development is the rule by which a differentiation is established. This differentiation is from one form of generality and this multiplies ad infinitum as this process goes on. The scale and time of development is covered by this process that has evolved in nature over time. Developments depend on co- developments. In other words, development cannot stand on its own. Co-operation implies conscious intent. Take any major issue in our country and see if single handed policy would solve the issues. We are very happy when a policy fails and then the PM states that he would take personal responsibility for doing what has to be done. But can he take responsibility for the electricity debacle, the gas shortages and what have you? What are the ministers responsible for? Are they merely for the purpose of siphoning of resources? Are they worth their weight so far as work is concerned? Each minister costs a colossal amount and if we were to accumulate these and see what can be achieved for the children of lesser gods in Thar, Sargodha, Cholistan and Balochistan not to forget the people of North and South Waziristan. Who ever said they were not Pakistanis for they may be more patriotic than you and I. I met family that were driven out for their safety and who did not want to leave their houses. They are a joint family of 60 members and they had to rent four houses to live in. How can they survive this onslaught? I went with a colleague and the locals stated that their entire commercial system has been devastated. Their animals small and large were killed by the bombardment. The resurrection of these systems is more difficult than what you and I think.Read full story

Nigeria oil rebels warn of unrest unless Jonathan re - elected

Published on January 31, 2015Kennedy Tonjo-West is unhappy at the way Nigeria's main opposition party and northern politicians have been criticising President Goodluck Jonathan's record in the run-up to next month's election. "We are not happy with the constant attacks on the person of Jonathan in the north and if they don't stop such molestation we will be forced to retaliate," he told AFP. "We will fight back. If and when we do, Boko Haram will be child's play. We shall prove to them that no-one has a monopoly of violence."Read full story

Cuba and the IMF: towards a new chapter?

Published on January 31, 2015How far could Cuba's opening go? After its rapprochement with the United States, the steadfastly communist country could further dismantle nearly six decades of isolation by shaking hands with another old enemy, the International Monetary Fund. The IMF, the world's crisis lender but also an economic policy disciplinarian, does not have an especially good reputation in Havana. Cuba, like a number of its allies - Venezuela and Bolivia, for instance - regards the Fund as too married to a liberal capitalist ideology.Read full story

Partly Facetious: Prime Minister should consider revising his media team

Published on January 31, 2015"The Punjab Governor is gone."Read full story