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Fiscal policy and public debt - II

Published on February 07, 20164.4 Provincial public finances: The fiscal position of provinces showed deterioration in overall balance. The provinces are expected to maintain surplus to provide sufficient cushion for consolidated fiscal outcome. However, the aggregate balance reduced considerably from a surplus of Rs 45.3 billion in Q1-FY15 to Rs 7.4 billion in Q1-FY16. This decline is largely attributed to increased provincial expenses by 17.9 percent as well as reduction in transfers from divisible pool (Table 4.5).Read full story

New Hampshire may be now or never for Jeb Bush

Published on February 07, 2016In a state whose motto is "Live Free or Die," New Hampshire's primary Tuesday is do or die for Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. "I don't really follow the pundits because it's not good for my health," joked the former Florida governor in a question and answer session with voters in a school cafeteria Friday. "I know I've been written off," said Bush, who must beat his establishment rivals next week or consider giving up.Read full story

Edible oil & vanaspati industry in Pakistan

Published on February 07, 2016I have been associated with Ghee and Vanaspati Industry since 1965 when I joined one of the leading manufacturers of ghee/vanaspati in Karachi and subsequently became the Chairman of Pakistan Vanaspati Manufacturer Association (PVMA) and represented the Industry and the government in various Conferences and in edible oil deals.Read full story