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Reality of 'statistical discrepancy'

Published on September 04, 2015According to Press reports, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has started probing the figures presented by the government regarding fiscal deficit, expenses and revenue collection. This has been done in the wake of discrepancies discovered and highlighted by independent observers, including these writers, alleging deliberate exaggeration of revenue collection and understating expenses. The exposure irked the government and rejoinders were issued by the Ministry of Finance at its website dismissing the "allegations" as unfounded and baseless. Reportedly, now the IMF has taken the cognisance of the claims and counter claims, though no official confirmation is available. Figure fudging is not new to the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz). In fact, Pakistan was fined by IMF during the last tenure of Ishaq Dar for what his successor Shaukat Aziz called deliberate figure fudging. As expected from worthy Finance Minister of PML (N) for the second term, no lessons were leant from history, or what some people would aptly say old habits die hard.Read full story

Combating the financing of terrorism

Published on September 04, 2015Channeling money through 'hound' and avoiding the legitimate financial system is one of the best methods of "whitening" dirty money. In layman's words, money-laundering is conversion of dirty money into clean money through avoiding the legal financial system. The Anti-Money Laundering (AML)/Combating Financing Terrorism (CFT) Regime was put in place because of the nexus between corruption and terrorism through organised crime. To eliminate these all available governmental instruments and means, particularly NAB, FIA, police and Financial Monitoring Unit (FMU), must be utilised.Read full story

China's anti - ship missile and troop cuts highlight shifting power

Published on September 04, 2015China's unveiling of "carrier-killer" missiles and cuts in troop numbers on Thursday underlined its shift towards naval strength amid growing Pacific rivalry with the US, analysts said. More than a dozen anti-ship ballistic missiles capable of travelling at 10 times the speed of sound were shown at a massive military parade in Beijing, with state television calling them a "trump card" in potential conflicts and "one of China's key weapons in asymmetric warfare".Read full story

Partly Facetious: Why are we getting even more pigheaded than before?

Published on September 04, 2015"Did you hear that pig meat was being sold in Punjab?"Read full story