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Impact of an undisciplined economy

Published on August 30, 2014The current political standoff is the result of a political system that is immature. Immature because the state institutions are not up to handling this situation and the result is a policy of drift. Everything that is taking place in this country is contrary to what the democratic set-up requires. It is not whether the position taken by Imran Khan is correct or incorrect but the perception that is in the social system that the political system is incorrect and vitiated by its lack of honesty. Every day there are new allegations. If one were to look at the recent PhD study done by a lady assistant professor of Government College University then one would appreciate the role of cognitive psychology in the social and political system of this country. We have a system in which the uneducated and illiterate electorate is one concern but their representatives are no better. They do not understand the constitution and do not understand the self-detachment of politics from interacting with the social system. I will go further than this and say the political system is not geared to wisdom and that the use of brain-mind relationship for policy matters is not utilised. The last month has been torturous for the citizens of Pakistan especially those that are living in the capital city. The rules of the democratic states are well known and these are followed as given except in Pakistan. Among the South Asian countries Sri Lanka has come to terms with itself much earlier than either India or Pakistan. But the unwritten rules exist. Having said that let us examine what is happening in the political economy.Read full story

With economy sinking, Mugabe sets hopes on 'old friend' China

Published on August 30, 2014Snubbed by a US-hosted gathering of African leaders this month, Zimbabwe's veteran President Robert Mugabe has turned again to "old friend" China, but even Beijing's support may not be enough to rescue his country's sinking economy. Mugabe, at 90 Africa's oldest leader and one of its longest ruling, received a warm welcome on a visit to China this week, something he hasn't received for many a year in the West, where he is reviled as a despot.Read full story

Everest on speed: UK guide promises summit in 42 days

Published on August 30, 2014Raise your game, skip the queues and scale the world's highest peak in 42 days: that's British guide Adrian Ballinger's ambitious pitch to climbers preparing to summit Mount Everest. Ballinger's "Rapid Ascent" programme, which at around $79,000 is roughly double the cost of other Everest expeditions, aims to overturn the conventional wisdom that it takes 10 weeks to reach the top of the 8,848-metre (29,029-foot) peak.Read full story