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Change through continuity

Published on January 22, 2017Recent history of the world has shown that abrupt political changes brought through violence and agitation do not often guarantee prosperous future for the nations, how much the manifesto and agenda of these agitation campaigns may be. In Pakistan, we have been experimenting with a variety of political systems and modes of governance without waiting for completion of any one experiment in order to evaluate its viability and mend loopholes. The calls for premature transition usually emanate from impatience of politicians in the opposition not as much to correct the system or from frustration over outcome of the system, as to give "tough time" to the ruling political party in order to usher in early elections or un-elected dispensation. These experiments have wasted nation's precious time as we squandered several opportunities for development which came our way.Read full story

Trapped in dying tea gardens, workers lose children to traffickers

Published on January 22, 2017Fagua Ooraon was running late for work when traffickers stopped outside his hut and said they were taking his teenage daughter with them to the city for better employment. Ooraon said 'no' and went to work. When he got home that evening, his daughter was gone. "They took her anyway," he said, sitting in his home in Diana Tea Estate in the east Indian state of West Bengal.Read full story

As populism mounts, Davos elite told: pay your taxes

Published on January 22, 2017The world's biggest multinationals have been put on notice to start paying their fair share of tax - or risk accelerating the rise in populism that has carried Donald Trump to the White House. From Panama Papers to LuxLeaks, recent years' headlines have been filled with revelations on the secret ways the rich and multinationals, with the help of accountancy firms, shift profits across the globe to drastically cut tax.Read full story