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Partly Facetious: Nawaz has added Nisar's name to list

Published on August 02, 2014"Mian Nawaz Sharif has finally seen the light."Read full story

Stagnant minds

Published on August 02, 2014What does it take to change a mind of an individual and of a nation collectively? We see deep ingrained attitudes in all nations but there is a difference when these attitudes are positive or otherwise. As a civil servant the exponential experience that I have gone through and I dare say the same experience is also visible in other colleagues. The civil service for all its ills provided an experience level that is not visible to any other service. The others that criticised the service had their points of view but the manner in which the authority of the service was nibbled away had its regressive aspects. While carrying out a survey of the large industry on Sheikhupura road I was accosted by serious criticism from the industrialists who managed to draw a distinction on the arrogance of the lot. When it was enquired as to whether they were able to handle their problems when they arose. They agreed. But as a word of caution I had also mentioned that the time will come when you will remember the service for its delivery. That world has come sooner than I think. Talk of Karachi and the problems of governance - of bhatta khori and of murder and of a host of other problems. Where would the industrialists go and have problems redressed? Go to any urban areas and the problems exist causing immense loss and fear to the industrialist. The loss that the industrialist experiences is passed on to the consumer but then the consumer can accept that much of a cost and then he finds that the price is enormous he starts looking for substitutes.Read full story

Synthetics pose a conundrum for world diamond industry

Published on August 02, 2014Diamonds are a girl's best friend - but only if they are natural.Read full story

Corporate reports signal stronger US commercial building recovery

Published on August 02, 2014Rising orders and increasing optimism from companies like United Technologies Corp and Tyco International point to a strengthening recovery in the US commercial construction market, which has been limping back since bottoming more than three years ago.Read full story