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VIEW POINT: The diamond jewellery set no one can own

Published on November 27, 2014The timing of a Swiss federal tribunal's verdict in a case his last government initiated in October 1997 against former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, her husband Asif Ali Zardari, and her mother Nusrat Bhutto could not be worse for the present Sharif government. Whilst he badly needed the PPP's support in his confrontation with the PTI leader Imran Khan the Swiss tribunal has ruled that a diamond jewellery set worth $180,000 seized in connection with investigations into allegations of ill-gotten money belongs to Zardari and other legal heirs of the late PPP leader.Read full story

Debate over international intellectual property rights

Published on November 27, 2014The legal framework in this regard has been embodied in a bundle of international agreements. The most important of them, are known as the multilateral trade agreements; these are a bunch of agreements on international intellectual property field or in the international trade field. The first group of these agreements belongs to multilateral treaties representing a large number of member countries. The second group represents bilateral treaties, which represents two countries, for example, the agreement on bilateral Free Trade Areas (FTAs). The third group represents regional treaties like North American Free Trade Agreement or the treaty establishing the European Union and its directives and regulations to regulate and administer the European Union. The fourth group consists of something most recently known as plurilateral treaties1; these are treaties which have partners less than multilateral and regional treaties but at the same time involve more than just two parties. This is the bunch of four groups of international treaties covering the subject of international intellectual property rights.Read full story

Oil industry swashbucklers hit by war, disease and shale boom

Published on November 27, 2014The world has become a more difficult place for the small, intrepid Canadian oil explorers that roam the globe hunting for the next big petroleum discovery. Like the big-game hunters that once ranged Africa, these small-cap explorers and producers (E&Ps) call their quest for billion barrel-plus oil deposits "elephant-hunting", and for many the thrill of the chase is a big part of why they are in business.Read full story

Partly Facetious: Give the portfolio to a loyalist least suited for it

Published on November 27, 2014"So the US has flawed policies and China and Russia should play their due role, or so said the Minister of Defence."Read full story