Last update: Sun, 14 Feb 2016 01pm

The topmost challenge

Apropos an article 'Renewable energy' carried by Business Recorder last week, the writer has argued that "Pakistan is facing numerous challenges, topmost of which is the shortage of electricity as it is affecting every walk of life in the county." He has also argued that businesses are unable to function properly and consequently they are unable to retain workforce for longer period of time. Like any other country, if Pakistan has to achieve socio-economic progress it has to make sure an adequate and uninterrupted supply of electricity.

However, insofar as writer's argument 'if we manage our available renewable energy resources wisely' is concerned, we can easily produce fair and square share of electricity through renewable resources. As a result we can save financial resources, which can then be invested to improve the quality of life of masses in Pakistan.

But the writer needs to be reminded that the country's topmost challenge is not energy but a terrible security issue. This issue alone has badly hurt the foreign investment prospects, lowering economic growth and reducing job opportunities.

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