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Rates of Debt Securities

The following were the revised rates of debt securities on Monday (December 19, 2011).


Price has been calculated after apply maximum markup of 500 basis points to the calculated yield as provided under SECPs Circular No 3 of 2010.

In implementation of the Board's decision taken in the 9th Meeting 2010-2011.

Valuation of debt securities moving from traded to non-traded category to be capped at last traded price.

In line of special circumstances as underline by MUFAP in emails to member dated 8th March, 2011.

Yield calculated as per the Board recommended format Approved on 26th July BOD.

Applicability for Traded Securities (Bold Highlighted) : Dec 19, 2011 (Prices will change on daily basis).

Applicability for Non-Traded Securities : November 28, 2011 to Dec 23, 2011.

Source: - MUFAP.

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