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Fears of more violence haunt village where Palestinian child killed

In a West Bank hill village where an 18-month-old Palestinian child burned to death last week in a firebombing by suspected Jewish settlers, the boy's uncle fears for his own children's safety.

"They are still young; they don't understand anything yet, but they are already very scared because they saw their cousin being burnt," Hassan Dawabsha said in front of his brother's gutted home in Duma, nestled in the hills near the Jordan Valley. "You feel like they are dreaming every night that a settler will come to kill them," said the 28-year-old. The pre-dawn firebombing Friday, which killed Ali Saad Dawabsha and critically injured his parents and four-year-old brother, has intensified the concerns of residents who say they have long lived in fear of attack. Near the remains of the Dawabsha family home, where a child's stroller sits among the blackened ruins, a Star of David and the words "revenge" and "long live the Messiah" are spray-painted on a wall.

Another home next door was also firebombed, but no one was there at the time. The graffiti was indicative of so-called "price tag" violence - a euphemism for nationalist-motivated hate crimes by Jewish extremists. "Two years ago, they burnt some cars here in the village," said 33-year-old resident Mohammed Dawabsha. "They took the same road like the one they took to burn the houses. They knew the road and the places.

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