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Partly Facetious: There's nothing wild about Dar Sahib

"Who is Sarfraz Merchant?"

"I think he is being investigated for money laundering for the MQM by Scotland Yard."


"Why? What's your interest in the guy?"

"Pictures have surfaced where Mr Merchant is saying his Eid prayers next to Mian sahib's son and next to his son is Mian sahib himself and this is in London."

"Sarfraz Merchant has denied it."

"Why hasn't Mian sahib?"

"If you are the prime minister you don't have to do any thing, others do it for you. Besides these are lies, lies and more lies."

"Well, the geometry is kind of proving that the picture is recent if you know what I mean."

"What does geometry have to do with it?"

"Well, Mian sahib's weight fluctuates quite a bit and we date his photographs based on his girth if you know what I mean...and if memory serves me right then...."

"Don't be facetious besides the phrase is lies, lies and then there are statistics."

"Hey that's the forte of Dar sahib, statistics and their manipulation."

"I heard Dar sahib wanted Mian sahib to engage with MQM and..."

"And of all MQM members he chose the man who is being investigated for money laundering?"

"If you recall Dar sahib also was accused of money laundering for the Sharif family and..."

"He wasn't accused, he signed an affidavit..."

"Didn't his lawyer issue a press release through the Press Information Department telling you to shut up, and not put up!"


"The lawyer now an advisor to the prime minister issued a press release telling the media to shut up - shut up mind and not to put up ...or in other words you can not attack Dar sahib, or put up, as a court verdict dated 2014 when the party was in power accepted his claim that he signed the affidavit under torture and......"

"Oh shush, anyway Dar sahib has a reserved position - he is Mian sahib's right hand man so in all pictures - inside or outside the country - he is seen on Mian sahib's right hand."

"I saw him on the left hand..."

"OK, so he is Mian sahib's left hand man....doesn't change reality."

"Well, in the English language a right hand man is the dependable one while the left hand man is the wild card and..."

"There is nothing wild about Dar, I mean the guy has no sense of humour is serious and likes it small not big and..."

"That is certainly true."

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