Last update: Tue, 06 Dec 2016 05am

Rates and Schedules


Gold and silver rates in rupees per 10 grams prevailing in major cities on Monday (December 05, 2016).

Official KCA spot rates for local dealings in Pakistan rupees on Monday (December 05, 2016).

The following were the fluctuations observed during the day:

Cotton yarn rates in rupees per 10 Lbs on Monday (December 05, 2016).

Karachi Yarn Market Rates on Monday (December 05, 2016).

The following were Monday's Rotterdam vegetable oil prices at 1700 GMT:
Rates applicable for conversion into rupees of Foreign Currency Deposits, Dollar Bearer Certificates, Foreign Currency Bearer Certificates, Special US Dollar bonds and profits thereon by all banks and also for providing forward cover on foreign currency deposit (Excluding FE-25 Deposits) issued by the Foreign Exchange Rates Committee on Monday (December 05, 2016).