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Activity at Karachi and Qasim ports

The Karachi Port handled 106,211 tonnes of cargo comprising 48,982 tonnes of import cargo and 57,229 tonnes of export cargo including 5,431 loaded & empty containers during last 24 hours ended at 0700 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 48,982 tonnes comprised of 35,172 tonnes of containerised cargo; 170 tonne of general cargo; 8,888 tonnes of bulk cargo and 4,752 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 57,229 tonnes comprised of 43,810 tonnes of containerised cargo; 200 tonnes of general cargo; 5,219 tonnes of bulk cargo and 8,000 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo. Six ships namely Olivia, MOL Wind, Wan Hai-605, MT Karachi, Navig8 Loucas and Hoang ANH 27 with three container ships, one oil tanker, one naphtha ship and one general cargo ship respectively sailed out to sea during the reported period.

Five vessels viz Hyundai General, Hanjin Durban, Pacific Energy, Royal Natural and Irini with two container ships, two oil tankers and one bulk cargo ship respectively are currently at the berths. Two ships namely Positao and Hanjin Durban with two container ships sailed out to sea on Tuesday, while two ships namely Royal Natural and Mandarin Trader carrying one oil tanker and one talcum powder carrier respectively are expected to sail on Wednesday.

Three vessels viz President Adams, Al-Ihsaa and Tamarita with two container ships and one coal carrier respectively due to arrive on Tuesday, while five vessels viz APL Brisbane, Cap Graham, Lodestar Genesis, Smarty and Marianne Danica carrying two container ships, one MEG ship, one coal carrier and one general cargo ship respectively are due to arrive on Wednesday.

A cargo volume of 58,611 tonnes, comprising 55,359 tonnes of import cargo and 3,252 tonnes of export cargo was handled at Port Qasim during last 24 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 55,359 tonnes includes 32,188 tonnes of furnace oil; 4,500 tonnes of edible oil; 4,801 tonnes of canola seeds and 13,870 tonnes of chemicals. The total export cargo includes 3,252 tonnes of rice. A canola seeds ship namely MV Paiute sailed out to sea on Tuesday morning, while a chemical ship namely MT Marilena is expected to sail on the same day afternoon.

A total number of five vessels MV Afamia, MV Paiute, Bow Jubail, MT Quetta and MT Liquid Platinum are currently occupying berths to load/offload rice, canola seeds, chemicals, furnace oil and edible oil respectively during last 24 hours. As many as four ships namely Maersk Kolkata, Estia, Marilena and Alaed with containers, furnace oil, chemicals and general cargo respectively are currently at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim. A total number of four vessels viz CV Maersk Kolkata, CV Hanjin Eliza, Marilena and Alaed carrying containers, chemicals and general cargo respectively are expected to take berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal, Multi Purpose Turminal (MW-3) and Engro Vopak Terminal respectively on Tuesday.

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