Last update: Wed, 10 Feb 2016 07am

Bilawal voices discontent with Amendment

Pakistan People's Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has voiced discontent with the passage of the 21st Constitut-ional Amendment. In his latest tweet, Bilawal expressed his discontent over the passage of 21st Constitutional Amendment.

It may be noted here that PPP has majority in the Senate and party's co-chairman and former president Asif Ali Zardari had vowed support to the constitutional amendment so that it could sail through the Upper House without any opposition.

"Parliament cuts its nose to spite its face," Bilawal wrote in a post that appeared on his Twitter handle. "Sadar Zardari Kamaan hai aur Bilawal teer Salam Benazir [President Zardari is a bow and Bilawal an arrow. I salute you Benazir]," he said in a tweet.

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