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Message from Executive Member (Ex-Officio), RCCI

Pakistan is a developing economy and while it has been maintaining a certain pace it has still not achieved its true potential. One of the most promising sectors that can be a success in the short term and a true strategic game changer is without any doubt the Information, communication and telecom sector. Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry has always been on the leading edge of business community when it comes to new ideas.

As RCCI has been focused on trying to play its role in improving the exports of the region and the country at large thus hoping to decrease the trade deficit.

The ICT Awards is one of the first steps by the RCCI to make a mark in this most important and under represented area by the business community. It is my belief that this will be the first step of many that will lead to convergence of resources and increase in awareness amongst the business community that will lead to more start-ups and investments in this sector. I wish success to the RCCI team and congratulate them on this endeavour.

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