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Coke Pakistan organizes 'Crazy For Good' event to highlight its CSR activities

KARACHI: Coke Pakistan organized the “Crazy For Good” event to promote their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and involvement.

Arranged by Asiatic PR and the Coke team the event was hosted by well known RJ and TV actor Khalid Malik.

The day started with the Coke happy bus taking guests to an unknown location with many fun activities on board. The group then ended up at Tushan beach at a beautiful hut which was decorated with the Coke theme followed by lunch and then joined by Coke's brand team for discussion on their involvement at the CSR wing.

The discussion highlighted several projects that Coke has been involved with such as the TCF Muzaffargarh venture, collaborating with the WWF on the ANP project and refurbishing government schools with #care foundation.

An example of one such project is the Kashf Foundation, which was donated $100,000 to empower women to invest in small businesses and create a sustainable local community.

APR Zohair Ali said that Coke has invested around $6 million in social projects in Pakistan.

“Crazy For Good is an initiative to promote “Random Acts of Kindness” in the society which may encourage individuals on the micro and macro level to spread happiness and good in the society,” he said, and added, “that difference will improve the quality of life for the person who needs it the most.”

The guests, which included several bloggers and twitteratis, were given Canon Cameras and Coke Picture frames as a token of appreciation by the team at the end of the event.

If you’re one of the crazy ones and have time to help others you can tweet live on #Crazy4Good. 


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