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Benazir Bhutto

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Movement for Restoration of Democracy


Finally free General Zia had become a key player in the worldwide conflict between the US and the Soviet Union. As long as General Zia remained in power, the US could continue to aid Afghan rebels. Many feel that the US was trying to make Afghanistan the sort of long-drawn-out no-win situation that it had experienced in Vietnam. Toward the end of 1983, it was finally decided by the government that they would allow Benazir Bhutto to leave the country. She made preparations with mixed emotions. Leaving the country, even for the legitimate reason that she was in need of medical attention, seemed in some ways like she was abandoning the cause of the Pakistan People's Party and the Movement to Restore Democracy. If she didn't have the operation on her infected ear, she was told she could lose her hearing. The infection might spread, causing nerve damage elsewhere. She had already begun experiencing ...


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