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Benazir Bhutto

Shaheed Benazir Bhutto


Murder of Benazir  Bhutto December 27, 2007, marks a tragic day for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). That was the unfortunate day when Benazir Bhutto was killed while leaving a campaign rally of her party at Liaquat National Bagh in the run-up to the January 2008 parliamentary elections. Benazir was standing out from the sunroof of her bullet-proof vehicle to wave to the crowds. Just then, a gunman fired shots at her followed by explosions near the vehicle killing approximately 20 people. Bhutto was critically wounded and was rushed to Rawalpindi General Hospital. She was taken into surgery at 17:35 local time, and pronounced dead at 18:16. The cause of death, whether it was due to gunshot wounds, the explosion, or a combination of both, was not fully determined until February 2008. Eventually, Scotland Yard investigators concluded that she was tossed by the blast and suffered blunt force trauma, which led to her death. ...

Cause of death  Benazir Bhutto's cause of death has been an issue of much debate. Some say perhaps she would be considered a martyr if she died by gunshot, but not if she died by hitting her head following an explosion. Others have asserted that the arguments against a death by gunshot were intended to blunt criticism that she was not adequately protected. Initial reports based on Pakistani Interior Ministry information reported that Benazir was killed by a gunshot ...

Benazir’s funeral  Benazir Bhutto's funeral occurred on the afternoon of 28 December 2007. Her body was moved from Chaklala Airbase in Rawalpindi to Sukkur Airport at 1:20 am on that day. Both her children and her husband travelled with her body. Earlier, they reached Chaklala Air Base by a special flight to get her body. Mourners from all over Pakistan converged in Larkana to take part in the funeral ceremony for the former Prime Minister. The family delivered the body ...

Intention to return  Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan after completing her studies only to find herself placed under house arrest in the wake of her father's imprisonment and subsequent execution. Having been allowed to return to the United Kingdom in 1984, she became a leader in exile of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). For the first time in the history of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was the first woman to head a major political party though she was unable to make ...

Musharraf government’s two-term limit on prime ministers In mid-2002, Pervez Musharraf implemented a two-term limit on Prime Ministers. Both Bhutto and Musharraf's other chief rival, Nawaz Sharif, had already served two terms as Prime Minister. In July 2007, some of Benazir's frozen funds were released. However, she continued to face significant charges of corruption. Giving an interview on August 8, 2007, to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, she said she wanted return to Pakistan for the 2008 elections, with Musharraf retaining the presidency with ...


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