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Pakistan Independence Day


Clifton Road in Karachi This is the picture of the Clifton Road in Karachi as it was originally.   Copyright Business Recorder, 2011  

Empress Market in Karachi This is an original depiction of the Empress Market in Karachi. The market was constructed between 1884 and 1889. It was named to commemorate Queen Victoria, Empress of India. It was designed by James Strachan, the foundations were completed by the English firm of A.J. Attfield, and the building constructed by the local firm of “Mahoomed Niwan and Dulloo Khejoo”. The building was arranged around a 130 ft by 100 ft courtyard with four galleries each ...

Clerk Street in Saddar Bazaar, Karachi A view of the Clerk Street in Saddar Bazaar, Karachi.   Copyright Business Recorder, 2011  


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