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Different types of crimes become routine matter in capital

The incidents of various kinds of crimes including broad daylight house robberies, dacoities by unknown armed intruders, car lifting and snatching, have become a routine matter in the federal capital. Apart from cases of robbery, murder, kidnapping and auto theft, the city also witnessed an alarming increase in white collar crimes such as cheque dishonouring during the last week.

In just last seven days, armed gangs of robbers struck at nine different places, motor vehicle theft stolen or snatched seven vehicles including motor bikes, two cases of murder and an incident of kidnapping of a women reported to the city various police stations.

Sabzi Mandi Police Station registered two cases of auto theft and three cases of robbery during the last week. Auto theft stole a bike (RLA-7207) of Raheel Ahmad while snatched taxi car (SGS-1536) from Muhamad Adnan at sector I-11/4 at gun point in jurisdiction of the same police station. Irshad Begum informed Sabzi Mandi Police Station that the accused Muhammad Ali and her daughter stole gold ornament worth Rs 1,450,000. During another incident, unknown robbers stole four laptop, five cellphone, two watches and cash of worth Rs 200,000 from the house of Muhammad Azhar Bhati.

Raza of sector F-10 Markaz lodged complaint with Sabzi Mandi Police Station that unknown robbers stole cash, security system, DVD and LCD of Rs 55,000,000 from his house located in the precinct of Sabzi Mandi Police Station. In the same period Shehzad Town Police Station registered three cases each of robbery, kidnapping and auto theft. Mehro Bibi informed Shehzad Town Police Station that accused Majeed and his accomplices broke into her house, locked her along with other family members and looted gold ornament worth Rs 160,000.

Another Muhammad Haroon, a resident of Kana informed Shehzad Town Police Station that accused Muhammad Zahir, Azhar Mehmmod and Salma Mehmmod kidnapped his daughter. Motor vehicle theft stole a bike (AFN-124) of Naeem Ahmad from limits of the Shehzad Town Police Station.

Aabpara Police Station registered two cases of cheque dishonoring and one case each of robbery and auto theft. Shamim Hameed Butt lodged a complaint with Aabpara Police Station that accused Muhammad Sohail Khan stole cash, LED, mobile phone, watch and cloths from her house. Car lifters stole Taxi (IDT-7008) of Muhammad Afzal, worth Rs 150,000 from the limits of Aabpara Police Station. During the last week, Koral Police Station registered one case each of auto theft and robbery. Carjackers stole a Mehran car (LES-5376) of Muhammad Zahirul Islam.

In an another incident, Najmul Hassan of Taramri informed Koral Police Station that two unknown men and a woman stole ghee and other valuables from his house. Kohsar Police Station registered seven cases of fake cheque, while PS Margalla registered five cases of cheque dishonoring and one auto theft. Industrial Area Police registered two cases of cheque dishonoring, Lohibheer registered three cases of fake cheques and case of a murder, and Karachi Company PS registered two cases of fake cheques.

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