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The great America

How ironic it is that even after killing 150,000 people in Iraq alone, turning Libya and Syria into virtual ruins and creating an ideal incubator for ISIL in the shape of Bucca prison in Iraq the American politicians still have the audacity to say "sorry but we are not accepting refugees".

Great is America and even more greater are the governors of various US states who have refused to accept any refugees.US President Barack Obama is too unrealistic insofar as his approach to Syrian refugees is concerned. Doesn't he know that the arrival of even a few hundred Syrian refugees-even after their intense vetting and thorough screening-could give birth to delirious prospects of terrorism inside the great `peace-loving' country, the US?

He must revisit his policy without any further loss of time in order to join the ranks of 'prudent' and 'wise' governors of those US states who have replied in a big "No" to a question whether or not Syrian refugees are allowed entry to the US. Not only will such an approach help him vindicate the policies of George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Tony Blair, it will also constitute a `profound' tribute to the memory of America's great founding fathers! Will the US ever learn to take right steps?

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