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Message from Patron-in-Chief, All Pakistan Solvent Extractors' Association

The remarkable growth of APSEA is a success story in delivering high quality raw material for food products essential for human nutrition at costs which are affordable in a developing nation. We were able to produce high quality soft edible oils for use in cooking oil by procuring highest quality oilseeds and developing the technology to process it efficiently.

The oil we produced had to compete with the lower-priced palm oil which was held the lion's share in the local market despite being a highly saturated fat with high melting point and which is sold at a discount in the international market when compared with the low-saturated oils extracted from oilseeds.

At the same time, protein meal produced by APSEA members played a key role in providing high quality feed for the poultry industry which greatly enhanced the Feed Conversion Ratios for the poultry industry and enabled them to provide high quality protein products at affordable price levels over the years.

APSEA has also contributed to the growth in the local oilseed crops by offering just prices to the local farmers. I congratulate APSEA members on these accomplishments and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours.

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