Last update: Sat, 13 Feb 2016 10pm

Importers for early clearance of containers at Karachi port

Importers hailing from Lahore have urged the Ministry of Port and Shipping and the Government of Pakistan to ensure that port handlers should clear import containers stuck up at Karachi p port due to the transporters' strike of last month. Customs clearing agent working at the Lahore Dry Port, Muhammad Sohail claimed that goods worth billions of rupees were stuck up at the Karachi port.

He said their own shipment arrived on Pakistan International Container Terminal (PCIT) port on November 30, 2013 but till today the port handlers are not able to confirm the date of grounding the container. Sohail said that in a letter to the Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping they had written that due to the 15-day strike the heavy congestion is on port.

He said that they had appealed to the government and the ministry to ensure that port handlers have sufficient equipment to complete the job. He said that importers have also demanded that a circular should be issued by the port handlers confirming the waiver of storage and start of free time at port from the date of container grounding instead of IGM date. They also urged the ministry to ask shipping lines also to waive off the detention of containers delayed due to PICT and KICT congestion. In letter importers said that immediate action will provide the relief to all upcountry based importers. They also said that 50 percent imports are based on subsequent export after value addition, delay at import stage by port handlers directly or indirectly effecting export too.

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