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Cambodia garment workers struggle to survive PHNOM PENH: After a 10-hour shift stitching clothes for western brands, Cambodian factory worker Ry Srey Bopha walks to her tiny shared room, eats leftovers, then sleeps on the floor.Like many of Cambodia's 650,000 garment workers, who are overwhelmingly women, Bopha's days are monotonous and exhausting, and her diet is poor.She rarely sees her five-year-old daughter, who is being raised by an elderly grandparent in the countryside."Life in the garment factories is very difficult," she told AFP. "But I need the money so I just try to be patient."Once hailed as a model for sweatshop-free manufacturing, Cambodia's booming garment sector has seen working conditions deteriorate as the number of factories has swelled.As money and orders have flooded into the industry in recent years, new factories have emerged "that either don't know what legal requirements are... or don't care," said Jason Judd, a technical specialist with the International Labour Organisation's Better ...
Australian rescuers free stranded baby whale GOLD COAST: Australian rescuers freed a beached baby whale Thursday almost two days after it became stranded on a popular beach, as a large crowd of onlookers cheered.The humpback whale, believed to be two years old, was successfully fitted with a specially designed harness and a boat was used to tow it into deeper waters. It was the fifth attempt at removing the whale since it washed up on Palm Beach in Queensland State late ...
Mozambique presidential candidate pleads for peace MAPUTO: Mozambique's ruling party presidential candidate Felipe Nyusi on Wednesday made a plea for peace with the opposition Renamo party, which has launched a new insurgency in the southern African nation.Nyusi, 55, appearing alongside President Armando Guebuza at a rally in the village of Buzi in the conflict-hit central Sofala province, pledged "continuity" with the policies of the outgoing president."Peace is me. Peace is not waiting in the bush for people to pass in order ...
'Drop Kenyatta case' defence again tells ICC THE HAGUE: Lawyers representing Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta have renewed calls for the International Criminal Court to drop charges of crimes against humanity against him. "We have reached a stage where there is no evidence" to support the charges, Kenyatta's lawyer Steven Kay told judges in The Hague on Wednesday."It is my submission at this stage to this court to dispose of this matter," Kay told the ICC, where Kenyatta faces five counts for his ...
Morocco jails 3 protesters opposed to silver mine: NGO RABAT: A Moroccan appeals court has upheld the prison sentences of three activists opposed to the operations at the country's largest silver mine, a campaign group said Wednesday.Arrested in March on charges including forming a criminal gang, stealing money, holding unauthorised protests and premeditated assault, the accused were each handed three year jail terms in May. Those sentences were upheld on Monday by the appeals court in Ouarzazate, the group told AFP.The court also ordered ...


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