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Vitamin B supplements reduce heart attack risk ISLAMABAD: Shedding fresh light on the link between heart attacks and vitamin B supplements, researchers have found such supplements lower the risk of strokes to a considerable extent.New evidence suggests that taking vitamin B supplements may help reduce the risk of stroke, Science Daily reported."Previous studies have conflicting findings regarding the use of vitamin B supplements and stroke or heart attack," said author Xu Yuming, with Zhengzhou University, China. "Some studies have even suggested that the supplements may increase the risk of these events".Scientists analyzed 14 randomized clinical trials with a total of 54,913 participants. All of the studies compared B vitamin use with a placebo or a very low-dose B vitamin.Participants were then observed for six months. There were 2,471 strokes throughout the studies, all of which showed some benefit of taking vitamin B.Vitamin B lowered the risk of stroke in the studies overall by seven percent. However, taking ...
Computer game promises cure for lazy eye: researchers ISLAMABAD: A popular computer game may hold the secret to curing lazy eye and possible blindness in both children and adults, New Zealand scientists announced.The world-first experiments to cure amblyopia by playing Tetris, the game that requires skillful construction of different colored blocks, were devised at the University of Auckland's Center for Brain Research, in collaboration with a team from Canada's McGill University, Xinhua Reported."Although amblyopia is often known as 'lazy eye' the impairment in ...
Sleep helps boost brain cell reproduction: Study ISLAMABAD: New research has revealed that sleep can boost the reproduction of brain cells particularly those damaged ones that are essential for the brain to function properly.The study conducted by the researchers of the University of Wisconsin shows that sleep has vital role in producing cells that are responsible for insulating material known as `myelin, Press tv reported.The finding gives new insight about a popular disease Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which appears when myelin is damaged.In ...
Drinking water can improve brain to work faster ISLAMABAD: Quenching your thirst during the hot weather with a glass of water can help make your brain work faster, scientists have found.According to a study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the researchers discovered that people who drank a pint of water before conducing mental tasks had reaction times that were 14 percent faster than those who did not have drink.And, with the current heat wave in mind, the effect was most ...
US agency says Michael Jackson estate owes $702 million in taxes WASHINGTON: The estate of pop music legend Michael Jackson owes $702 million in federal taxes and penalties, the Internal Revenue Service charged in US Tax Court, accusing the estate of undervaluing some of the star's assets by hundreds of millions of dollars. The dollar amounts in dispute had not been previously disclosed in the court challenge that the Jackson estate filed in July to a bill from the IRS, the US tax-collecting agency.Copyright Reuters, 2013 ...


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