• PSMC: Expected downtime

    Pakistan Suzuki Motor Company (PSX: PSMC) shows a decline in the topline by 10 percent mainly due to lower sales compared to last year. The company went into an agreement with the government of Punjab

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  • Playing your cars right

    Our first impressions of the auto policy when it first came out was: lets see if some global bigwig will bite; and nearly a year later, many actually did. We have promises of European, Korean

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  • Auto: Riding on potential

    The automotive sectors performance is not dismal, but the past year has been a bit anticlimactic given how much the growth potential was talked about. Perhaps the excitement was a little ahead of time. The

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  • Trucks revving it up

    The trucking sector is garnering immense interest from everywherelocal and Chinese companies no question, but also European companies and Korean companiesand for good reason. The sheer growth expectation is enormous. Trucks have historically played a

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  • INDU needs to rev up!

    Business may be dull in the house of Toyota, and it is reflecting in the companys recent financial statements. Despite being a big fish in a very small pond, Indus Motors Company (PSX: INDU) showed

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