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The National Fertilizer Development Centre (NFDC) released the monthly fertilizer statistics for February 2016, which showed the monthly urea off-take went down by 30 percent year-on-year. But that was not the big news, as a slowdown in urea off-take was very much on cards after heavy buying in the dying months of 2015.
The whispers that PML-N government is starting to worry about the next elections are gradually turning into noise. It has just recently announced two back to back economic policies – auto and trade – and is now scrambling for ideas to kick off job-oriented growth for which it has formed a supra body committee comprising of leading businessmen (See BR Research column: Finding growth published March 25, 2016).
Servis Industries Limited (SRVI), one of the country's top footwear Company, has managed to stay in a good shape during 2015. According to a notice to PSX, Servis Industries Limited has reported a 22 percent increase in its bottom line. The turnover of the Company has also shown a decent year-on- year improvement during CY15. However, despite securing a reasonable growth; the Company has seen its sales come under pressure. The primary issues which are creating problems for the formal shoe industry in Pakistan are severe competition with both from imports and informal sector that has put tremendous pressure on the sale growth.
The spring season has officially started in many parts of Europe. Amid a warming weather, tourists are starting to flock to major European attractions. But the carnage in Brussels last week may dampen the travelling spirit. The increasingly intricate network behind terrorist attacks in Paris and now Brussels is not just worrying for the European security machinery, but also for leisure travellers within EU and abroad.
Local retailers might be unfazed by the online retail space at the moment, but the intimidation point cannot be very far. The deployment of high-speed mobile internet – 3G and 4G – is yet to complete two full years, meaning there is a lot of room for growth in our internet population and consequently the e-commerce industry.
Finding growth has become like finding neverland in Pakistan. However, in latest news, the prime minister has formed a supra body to suggest “growth and job-oriented economic policies”. This makes one wonder whatever happened to the ‘experienced economic team’ who said they had the right formula for economic success at the time of elections in 2013.
A quick update on gas import plans is warranted at a point when the government is off to complete its three years in office. There was nothing but anticipative language about Turkmenistan Afghanistan Pakistan India (TAPI) Pipeline on the President of Turkmenistan?s visit to the country just recently; Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has emphasized the early completion TAPI Pipeline, calling it mega project that will help Pakistan alleviate its energy problems.