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The consumer price index is up by 2.9 percent in FY16, which is a 13-year low. Dar is ecstatic on this achievement as lady luck is with him. The prime reason for subdued inflation in FY16 is the supply side positive shock - low commodity prices, especially oil and food items.
Late last week, sponsors of Mobilink and Warid reportedly announced completion of merger transaction between the two telcos. Seven months after the announcement of this marriage between Mobilink and Warid, the necessary regulatory approvals are said to have been received for the merger to operationally proceed. Mobilink sponsors now own 100 percent of Warid, in exchange for 15 percent of shares in Mobilink to Warids sponsors.
"What is the EU", the question took over Google's search engines reaching among top searches in the UK, hours after Brexit results were announced where Britain resoundingly sided with the leave campaign gaining 51.8 percent votes. Curious question indeed; why don't people who don't know what the EU is, vehemently voted to leave?
Globally, the water crisis has become a matter of national security and the most significant issue the world is facing right now. In Pakistan as well, the signs of water stress started to show many years ago. However, unlike other countries, Pakistan's water situation has become acute and worse due to the non-serious attitude of policy makers. As per IMF and Asian Bank estimates, Pakistan has already become the third-most water-stressed nation in the world; rings any alarm bells?
The Prime Minister's open heart surgery hasn't melted too many hearts back home. A month in London, especially at this time of the year, can cheer anyone up. But a recuperated Nawaz may lose his mellow soon. For once he returns back home - his aides dont give an exact date, but suggest that the PM would be back sometime after Eid - he might face problems bigger in scope and scale than when he left.
Earlier this week, this column discussed the possible impact of the Brexit on Pakistani exports, with textile being mentioned as the main casualty (Read "Brexit and Pakistani trade," published June 28, 2016).
The most efficient K-Electric teams of late have apparently been their cricket and football teams. K-Electric may still tell you that their technical team is as good, but what Karachi witnessed in two days of moderate rain, tells otherwise. Massive power outage spread across the city that continued for hours irked many a people, taking them to streets in the holy month.