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No prizes for guessing where FDI stands. The foreign direct investment moved from an already dwarfed base to a further drop of 38 percent year-on-year in the first quarter of FY17 - July till September. In absolute terms, the decline in net FDI for July-September 2016 was around $154 million, certainly not a positive sign for the country that is depending on Chinese investment increasingly.
Auto sales for the first quarter of FY17, July till September, sees a 10 percent year-on-year decline selling 56,642 units of automobiles including LCVs, jeeps, trucks and buses, according to data reported by PAMA.
Yet another report and yet another damning indication that Pakistan needs to amp up its efforts to tackle the crisis which is putting countless generations at stake. The Global Hunger Index (GHI) has ranked Pakistan on a "serious" level with its score being 33.4.
The sorry state of road infrastructure in the countrys largest metropolis has cringingly become worse. With no visible development in the last decade or even more, the city has been facing severe vehicular traffic due to badly damaged roads and debilitated transport system.
The leading manufacturer of food ingredients and industrial products, Rafhan Maize Products Co. Ltd. (PSX: RMPL) is having a decent year. For the nine months ended September 2016, the firms top line grew by three percent year-on-year, while lower costs gave a huge boost to gross profit and margins. The bottom line has grown by an astounding 32 percent over last year.
The government continues to tighten its role in the power sector while the rhetoric of deregulation is left to speeches and press releases. The independence of both NEPRA and OGRA is in serious jeopardy the way things are rolling in various ministries. Recall that the ownership of majority of upcoming mega projects is in public hands.
Awarding Bob Dylan with a Nobel in literature is like "pinning a medal on Mount Everest for being the highest mountain." But Bob, whose contributions to social movements of 60s-70s are single-handedly the biggest, was not the first singer-songwriter to dwell on social and economic injustices around him. There were many in the era when he shot to fame; some before and some after.