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Too little - too late. That is how the disaster management capabilities of Pakistan can be summed up especially when it comes to flood prevention and mitigation. The country has seen its share of devastation, and the memory of the floods of 2010 still haunts the inhabitants of the northern parts of Pakistan, who bore the brunt of destruction.
It has been a year since Iran has signed the historic nuclear deal. The deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA), has cleared the path for Irans economy to come out of the decade old isolation. No doubt, JCPoA has created ideological divide both in the West and in the Middle East. But it has also proved that diplomacy works better than anything else. Iran has mostly kept up its end of the bargain under the Non-Proliferation Treaty. Since the implementation day in January 2016, Iran swiftly moved to dismantle its nuclear program to speed up the relief from Western sanctions.
Pakistan's cement sector performance over the past year and phenomenal firm level margins should be aspirational for other manufacturing sectors struggling to survive locally tackling energy woes, high cost of doing business, and getting a beating in export markets. But while cement exports have dramatically fallen, the sector is standing firmer than ever.
Last week saw some measure of risk appetite returning for investors after the initial chaos that reigned the financial markets after the Brexit vote. As the vote was unexpected to say the least, the markets naturally did go berserk initially. According to estimates the global markets saw $2 trillion wiped off amidst the panic that ensued. The sterling fell more than 10 percent against the dollar to below the $1.33 mark, its weakest since the mid-1980s. The UK stocks dropped to their lowest levels since the financial crisis.
A recent tumultuous event for crude oil prices is none other than Brexit that stirred up confusion in what was being considered a recovering market. The somewhat-steady increase in crude oil prices since the beginning of this year was disturbed recently when the UK voted to leave the EU.
Millions of people in Pakistan and abroad have mourned the death of Edhi. The fact of the matter is that in the future most will only remember the philanthropist whenever someone sees his ambulance and his hard working Edhi Foundation. But two people who were blind until last Friday will never forget the generosity of Abdul Sattar Edhi - they received vision because Edhi donated his eyes.
The farm community in Pakistan is going through a rough patch; bad crops, depressed prices and low subsidy element have combined to marginalize small farmer. Ironically, in the midst fertilizer sector has rescued GDP growth and the urea producers' profits are sky-high.