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Who could expect the mid-tier banks to do wonders in 3Q CY13 when even the Big 5 banks were not afforded a cushy ride?
This may sound a bit clichéd, but the turnout at the conference held by MIT Entrepreneurship Forum in Islamabad this Sunday morning really bore testament to what Abid Butt--CEO of E2E Supply Chain Management (Pvt) Ltd and the winner of last years Pakistan100 Awards--sums up: Pakistan is like a candy story for any budding entrepreneur.
Recall the last policy announcement back in September, when the market at large was expecting the discount rate to stay constant despite the elevated inflationary expectations, thin foreign exchange reserves and poor state of the Balance of Payments.
Persistence matters; and who would know better than the bulls at KSE. Its been nearly four months since the benchmark KSE index hit its life high of 23,776 points, and since then the bulls have been defying the odds to stay near the top.
You snooze; you lose--as the old adage goes. Telecom observers point out that the governments long-running telecom slumber is hurting Pakistan, albeit invisibly. Not only has it slowed down the countrys technological progress due to delayed spectrum auctions, they say, but it has also affected customer experience and is responsible for many foregone revenue opportunities in both public and private sectors.
Last week, this column argued that while there may be no reason to get excited about the ongoing series of talks between Iran and the West, there are reasons to believe that this time it may be different. The next question, therefore, is what should Pakistan do about it?
In what comes across as a very short notice, the central bank notified yesterday that there is to be a monetary policy announcement later today. Assuming there is no coincidence, the fact that it comes right after the conclusion of talks with the IMF; the State Bank was perhaps just waiting for the round of negotiation with the fund to finish before releasing its MPS.