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Gone are the days when medicine, engineering, banking and law were the most desired professions. Nowadays, a fresh graduate would rather sell mobile SIM cards, shampoos, milk or work towards increasing public welfare.
The second T-bill auction held after the recent monetary policy announcement saw yet another turnaround in the pattern of cut-off yields.
Stagnation is written all over Pakistans export figures in recent years. The new government has only entered its eighth week, but one hopes that it will soon come up with its trade policy to boost exports, which is indeed linked with other policies of energy and security that are yet to be announced.
The resumption of fish and seafood exports to the European Union is being hailed as a welcome development in the sorry tale of the countrys fishing sector that had been reeling from the loss of a major market for the past half a dozen years.
The local currency has been getting bashed on the open market in recent days, despite new laws introduced by SBP in a desperate attempt to narrow the gap between curb and inter-bank market rates. These steps have yielded little if any success for the central bank so far, as the Pakistani rupee fell to Rs104 against the greenback while the mentioned gap bloated to over Rs 3. And thats not a good omen.
Paying no heed to the bashing PKR is getting against the greenback, equities at the Karachi Stock Exchange are soaring as if there is no tomorrow.
One of the worst investments this year has been gold, and gold miners are among those hit hardest. Despite the recent rebound in gold prices, the price of the yellow metal has tumbled by 28 percent since the beginning of 2013, which dealt a deathblow to producers hopes.