Last update: Sun, 25 Sep 2016 12pm

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With numerous twists and turns in the macroeconomic outlook, CY13 wasn an easy year for the banking sector. The cumulative performance of the five leading banks of the industry (MCB, HBL, NBP, UBL and ABL) speaks volume of that observation.
Financial access is very low in Pakistan, and more so for women. That is visible in the State Bank of Pakistans recently-released financial access indicators.
Job well done! Sir! You have managed to bring currency back to the levels you promised--and that too, in a matter of a few months following the sharp depreciation.
The economic mood is changing, macro fundamentals are improving, sentiments are turning positive, and expectations are optimistic.
What does a billion dollar windfall mean for Pakistans economy? Too much, in these times, especially!
CY12 was a bad year for Shell Pakistan (SPL). But a glance at the companys latest financial performance for CY13 shows good improvement. The rebound in the earnings of oil marketing company has a lot to do with the firms efforts to increase market share and operational efficiencies.
Tussles between Ogra and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources are not new. And the recent issue regarding freight margin on petroleum products has added to the racket. The decision by the government and the ministry to reopen some six oil depots that were previously shut down has once again flared up what seems to be a conflict of interests.