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Ever since the new government announced its budget, there is growing noise that foreign exchange is going out of the country. The central bank took a strong notice of this perception and asked the Federal Investigation Agency to take adequate measures to arrest this informal capital flight.
The top line of the mighty five did wonders in 3Q CY13 but remained unable to muster growth for the bottom line. First off, hats off to the fifth largest bank-–ABL, for staggering top line growth of 53 percent, over the previous quarter. By comparison, MCB and NBP looked unimpressive on this front during 3Q CY13. The marvellous top line growth for ABL came on the heels of investments which boasted a quarter-on-quarter growth of 12 percent in 3Q CY13; leaving advances in the lurch as they slid seven percent over the same period.
Policy inaction continues to hurt Pakistan’s Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)\landscape. The problems are now laid bare by another global ICT index, the ‘Connectivity Scorecard’ (CS). CS index-–which aims to capture “useful connectivity” based on physical ICT infrastructure and its usage-–has relegated Pakistan to bottom rankings.
When US Fed Reserve unexpectedly decided to continue with asset purchase in September, analysts criticized the world’s top central bank for false-signalling and miscommunication. But, in the wake of Janet Yellen’s nomination to succeed Ben Bernanke as Fed Chief, it has become increasingly clear how much the ways at Fed have been evolved since the 2008 financial crisis.
The Federal Governments spending on the FY14 Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) can hardly be termed as adequate. The Planning Commissions most recent data shows that the PSDP disbursements reached Rs98.215 billion as of November 1, 2013 (see illustration).
Winters might be descending in the country, but spring is in the air for the oil and gas Exploration and Production Sector once again as the sectors earnings bloom.
Theres nothing sheepish about the contributions of the livestock sector in the country. Dairy and livestock production forms the largest chunk (55 percent) of the countrys total agro-produce and represents a hefty 11.4 percent of the GDP.