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Samba Bank Limited may well be a smaller bank, but its CY14 achievements are by no means small. From top to bottom, Samba ticked all the right boxes. The after-tax profits nearly trebling year-on-year was a just result. Samba has an un-characteristically high portion of advances in its asset mix, but it also did not need an invitation to taste some PIB feast on offer during CY14.
Today marks a first in the history of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The provinces first international investment and trade road show is taking place in Dubai and aims to showcase the positives in a province that has generally made international headlines for unfortunate incidents of militancy and extremism.
Very few things better the 1992 World Cup victory when it comes to recalling joyous moments for a common Pakistani. Cricket still remains the single binding force among Pakistanis, and it pains to see the sad state of affairs. The level to which Pakistan cricket has descended is a new low, and the bad part is that the worst may not have arrived yet.
Like Nishat Power Limited (KSE:NPL), Nishat Chunian Power Limiteds (KSE:NCPL) financial performance took the opposite turn to what the market had been anticipating. Where the market was expecting the decreased fuel saving to drag NPLs earnings in 1HFY15, higher penal mark-up income was expected to push earnings for NCPL up.
Abbott Pakistan has managed to stay in good shape. Undeterred by the intricate conditions hurting the growth of pharmaceutical industry, Abbotts profitability keeps on getting bigger and better.
Last week this column highlighted some of the issues in measuring consumer price inflation (CPI) in Pakistan. In our continuing coverage of the same today, this piece will focus on the health group within CPI and how perhaps the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) could change the way its historically included or excluded items from the overall CPI basket.
Shared interests can do wonders. No surprise then that two major are honing in on a diplomatic endgame to Afghanistan's long war. As Yanks are leaving town, Hans are entering the fray. Exhausted and bereft of ideas, the former is seemingly not peeved about taking a back seat. The latter, meanwhile, is expending its immense politico-economic goodwill to bring order to a country better known for its warring tribes.