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At the time of the inception of CASA-1000, the main reasons Pakistan had an interest in the project were to diversify its energy supply options eliminating the need to import gas from Iran and meeting peaked demand in summer months. However, with the changing political landscape amidst removal of sanctions on Iran coupled with the massive energy projects scheduled under CPEC, the rationale for the project is up for debate.
To the saner voices, the revelations that were Panama Papers offered a rare opportunity to create pressure for reforming the accountability and transparency mechanisms for high offices. But nearly eight weeks since, political pressure has ebbed and flowed, without any meaningful breakthrough, or any hopes of getting one.
One of the revolutions that have taken place worldwide in the Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) sector is the use of mobile banking. According to a report on mobile banking published by KPMG last year, mobile is the largest banking channel for the majority of banks by transaction volume.
There are some rock solid reasons behind the winged stock. Hascol Petroleum Limiteds share price has stormed up since it joined its peer stocks; the stock price has more than doubled over two years since the firms IPO, out-performing the benchmark index and the OMCs sector that has remained subdued against KSE100.
Trust the Commerce Ministry's previous Trade Policy (2012-2015) to create problems at the worst of times; earlier this week, a large quantity of cotton coming from India was held up at the terminal at Wagha. Why? The last Trade Policy mentioned in its Import Policy Order a list of "Items importable from India through land route from Wagha." The list allows only 0.5 million bales of cotton - a limit that had already been reached.
It seems that the federal government would close this fiscal year with some healthy development spending. Data from the Planning Commission show that as of May 13, 2016, the federal government had released about 68 percent of the Rs700 billion Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) budget for FY16. Much like previous years, disbursements are expected to accelerate in final weeks of this fiscal.
While India surpassed China as the top global destination for FDI, its western neighbour has been facing a FDI drought. The 10MFY16 figures released by State Bank for foreign direct investment in the Pakistan show that the country was able to attract a billion dollars, an increase of a paltry 5.4 percent, year-on-year.