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The balance-of-payment concerns are back again. The central bank reports that 2M FY15 current account deficit stood at 2.8 percent of the GDP, compared to 1.4 percent in the year-ago period, as payments for petroleum imports stoked total imports whereas exports dropped by 11 percent year on year.
Good times seem to have come to mark the insurance industry. Investors are wild-eyed about investing in the sector while mergers and acquisitions are gaining momentum. To recall, in April 2014, IGI Insurance acquired a controlling stake in American Life Insurance (ALICO). Later Rosewood, a Switzerland based venture capital, expressed its intentions to acquire 74.9 percent stake in TPL Direct Insurance, which was then followed Bestway’s expression of interest to attain 12.23 percent stake in UBL Insurers.
While the government’s claims on economic growth may be an eye-wash, there is reason to believe that not all is dull when it comes to business growth. Or so suggest the numbers from one of the leading LSM sectors, cement and construction.
Pakistan’s human development rankings are slipping further down the abyss. The Mahbub ul Haq Human Development Centre Pakistan launched its 17th annual regional report titled Human Development in South Asia 2014 recently, and the subject this time is the relationship between urbanisation and human development.
You sow what you reap. Government wanted to improve the debt maturity profile in the name of improving long-term yield curve. And it got just that. Investors completely neglected the T-bills on offer, as the latest auction fetched a paltry sum of Rs4.7 billion, against the target of Rs100 billion. Needles to say, whatever little participation there was, it came in 3-month paper, while the 12-month paper had no takers.
The initial statistics for Pakistan's trade with the EU are telling a different story.
Pakistan is ranked number one on something, but thats nothing to be proud of. In the latest ranking by World Health Organization (WHO), Pakistan tops the chart in being the country with the worst air pollution. It leads all its rivals in South Asia and Middle East on that count.