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Following the commencement of spadework for Karachi-Lahore Motorway project, plans have now been finalised for the development of Gwadar Port.
Interbrand’s best global brands ranking for 2014 might be lacking the surprise element, but this year’s report has come up some new terminologies that beg some attention in this age of branding.
Although the current account deficit was significantly higher in November ($475 million) over the previous month ($223 million), the cumulative tally for 1QFY15 is still below the average monthly slippage of $549 million. With Novembers numbers in, the 5MFY15 current account deficit now stands at $2.35 billion; which is 9 percent higher than what it was in the corresponding period last year.
Its a terrible time to sit on Takht-e-Lahore. No, we aren simply referring to the political and security challenges faced by the ruling party. The soaring food prices haven been making life any easier. By the end of October 2014 (the last available city-wise inflation numbers), food inflation was the highest in Lahore in comparison to Pakistans other provincial capitals.
Bring out the violins. The finance minister has finally started taking interest in the Competition Commission of Pakistan. From the days when the competition watchdog languished without an active chairperson, Ishaq Dar's recent interest in the CCP is quite welcoming. But at the risk of being overly critical, it appears that Dar is more interested in what CCP does not do, than what it actually does.
The Planning Commissions (PC) Pakistan Governance Forum organized on December 22 turned out to be a melting-pot of refreshing ideas. Despite this columns nuanced reservations on the events practical value (See "Talking governance," published yesterday in this space), it welcomes opportunities for ideas exchange among practitioners, scholars and the civil society.
Having a longer term yield curve to improve the debt maturity profile has long been the mantra of the present government. And rightly so, as IMF pressure or not, it is always more sensible to have a long-term yield curve for better asset price discovery. But at what cost? Pakistan has lagged way behind the curve when it comes to connect between the monetary policy and government bond yields.