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The benchmark KSE index has now been pruned about 17 percent from its all time peak of 34,826 points, which is established on February 3, 2015. Another news flash is that even if the benchmark index ends flat today, it would have fallen 14 percent in March alone - the biggest monthly fall since August 2011 when KSE-100 had shed 9.2 percent. Interestingly enough, the reasons behind the fall may well be quite the same in both cases.
The short answer to that is: probably sometime during fiscal year 2016-17. For the long answer read below.
Congratulations! If all goes well Pakistan would have completed its long due housing and population census by this time next year. But if all goes well that is.
All hail digital disruptions! But what has really gone unnoticed is how connectivity providers - telecom operators and their equipment vendors - are coping with digital innovations, especially in mobile applications and smart devices. A recent EIU report, "Digital Dilemma", which solicited opinion from over 200 C-level telecoms executives in various regions, sheds some light on the issue.
Ideas that have worked for Singapore sometimes give outsiders the wrong ideas. Among the many living and deceased Asian authoritarians admired by some of our top politicians is Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's long-time Prime Minister and post-independence reformer. His death last week sparked a fresh round of conclusions as to how Pakistan can benefit from the Singapore miracle.
It turns about that the government, mango growers and mango exporters are all feeling jittery about the upcoming mango season. And they should be, as the ban on Indias mango exports has been lifted whereas Pakistan's mango industry remains undeveloped.
Last Friday Narendra Modi fulfilled his key election campaign pledge: his finance minister presented the Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets (Imposition of Tax) Bill, 2015 in the Indian Parliament. As the name suggests, the law is aimed at netting all the undisclosed income that Indian residents have parked outside of India. Observers say that when this bill becomes law, it will be the harshest such law in the world.