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All major cement manufacturers that have revealed their financial results for the outgoing period so far have exhibited growth in their respective top lines and Fauji Cement is no exception to the norm. The company unveiled a sizeable jump of 9.2 percent in sales during 1HFY15. However, where the company appears poised better than competitors is in its ability to translate better sales volume, into better profitability.
After a tough year of overhauls and repairs, Hub Power Company Limited looked all bright-eyed in 1HFY15. The company initiated refurbishment of two of its boilers in FY14, which not only resulted in higher repairs and maintenance expenditure but also led to reduction in plants fuel efficiency levels.
The article published on Friday discussed the governments adhoc approach on fixing existing capacity and adding new power production facilities, this piece will focus on other aspects of energy chain - distribution, transmission, pricing and prioritization. The lack of homework, poor understanding of issues, absence of integrated energy ministry and weak regulatory regime have worsened the situation despite oil and other hydrocarbons prices moving in favourable direction.
"Finance Minister Ishaq Dar should be replaced with someone who has time to address the problems of business community"; thats the statement which took the otherwise banal proceedings of the 7th All Pakistan Chambers of Commerce Presidents meeting, to newspapers across the country, past Thursday.
Ishaq Dar may have a lot less on his plate and may well be visiting Washington and Dubai less often, if the PML-N comes to power again. Well, the CM Punjab and PM Pakistan certainly think that way. As the government announced it has discovered substantial iron ore and copper reserves in Chiniot, breaking the begging bowl soon followed.
Askari Banks turnaround in recent times has been very impressive! Thanks to its take-over by Fauji Group, it can be assured that the bank now lies in professional hands. Its CY14 financials have further cemented the belief with its bottom line boasting a profit after tax of Rs4 billion in CY14 versus losses that ran over Rs5 billion in CY13.
The PML-N came into power with a promise to end the countrys energy woes within six months. At that time, they had argued that there is sufficient installed capacity and that loadshedding was simply due to mismanagement by the previous government. Since the PML-N has a rack full of management gurus, theyd step in and fix the energy sector in no time.