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It looks like the unstoppable growth has finally hit a snag; for the first quarter ended FY17, Ferozsons Laboratories has reported an enormous 58 percent fall in its top line year-on-year, while the bottom line dropped 71 percent.
How has PayPak fared in its first six months? Pakistan's first domestic payment scheme, PayPak was launched in April 2016 by 1Link, the national payment network. The idea was to provide a cost-effective and secure alternative, for domestic payments, to international payment-technology majors such as VISA, Master Card, and Union Pay. So, how is it going?
Must it be so that the media, the masses and the politicians always fall prey to populist rhetoric? In the spirit of calling a spade a spade, this column has never minced words to criticise the acts and abstinences of the finance ministry (or any other part of government). But it has also given the credit where it's due without hesitation. The story of the recent award given to Finance Minister Ishaq Dar requires a bit of both and needs to be looked at with calm sentiments.
The financial health of telco's keeps popping up in blogosphere every now and then. But the claims of stress on cellular operators often have little that is substantiated or verifiable. Three of the four remaining operators remain unlisted, and financial snapshots of their overseas patrons provide inadequate indications as to actual profitability.
It is that time of the year when most of Pakistan should file taxes; but likely wouldn't. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar extended the deadline from August 31, to now fast approaching October 31, 2016 - it is highly likely this deadline will be further extended, so there is time yet for those interested. Tax policy in Pakistan has remained belligerently ineffective but in FY15, surprisingly, after many failed tax amnesty schemes where traders said 'thanks but no, thanks', tax collection and tax filers have both increased.
There is a slight nip in the air these days in Islamabad. But a chill can be felt, in a political sense, too. The capital is buzzing with intrigue these days. The PML-N may be improving upon its electoral shelf life while ruling at the centre. But folks are now wondering whether Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the perennial comeback politico, would be able to ride out his full term.
Did you ever wonder why domestic helpers in your house are so ill paid? Considering the widespread dismal state of their economic affairs across the country, you probably did not. The reason: because domestic workers are from the poor economic class (which is in abundance), they are less skilled, they are a part of informal economy, and very poorly organized, which is why they are systematically underpaid and overexploited.