Last update: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 05am

BR Research: Cement


The latest data released by the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA) show that not only is the overall sector enjoying better margins locally owing to better retention prices at home, but cement sales in terms of volumes are also improving locally.
The substantial increase in the price of cement over the past couple of years has ruffled a few feathers in the country. The average price for a 5kg bag of cement in July 2010 stood at Rs.303; today it stands at Rs.425 with prices leaning towards Rs.470 in certain areas.
In line with the expectations of market analysts, Luckys performance in 1HFY12 was stellar. With the volume of export sales having dwindled 8 percent year on year, in 1HFY12, much of the improvement in the top line came on the back of local sales.
Thriving in the domestic market with soaring local dispatches, cement manufacturers in Pakistan have been eyeing foreign lands to set up manufacturing plants and increase their presence. Last August, Lucky Cement announced plans to set up a million-ton capacity in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.
Cement dispatches during the first half of this fiscal year show promising prospects for local dispatches in the domestic market. Total cement off-take improved by about 4 percent in 1HFY12 over 1HFY11, reaching nearly 15.4 million tons.
Last month had been a rather lull one for the cement sector of the country. On a year-on-year, as well as on a month-on-month basis, cement dispatches largely depicted a falling trend.
FY11 had been a particularly hard-hitting year for the local cement industry, especially the former half of it, thanks to the great floods of 2010. The current fiscal year, however, saw some improvement in local cement dispatches, although the export side showed cement off-take tanking marginally.