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Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has repeatedly said that PML-N is not scared of accountability as it has been facing it for the past twenty years. According to him, NAB should investigate the cases but not harass or disgrace people. He claims that former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf (Retd) had created the National Accountability Bureau with a view to exacting revenge from Nawaz Sharif. He has also averred that the politicians who were scared of accountability abandoned the PML-N and joined the 'Musharraf League'. He was also quoted as saying that the "Musharraf League" was created to provide protection to corrupt politicians.
Iran recently said that it was time the countries set aside their differences to confront militants. "There are no more red lines left for terrorists to cross. Sunnis, Shias will both remain victims unless we stand united as one," Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted.
This is apropos a Business Recorder news item "Bin Laden compound to be turned into graveyard or playground?" carried by the newspaper on Sunday. According to it, a dispute has broken out over the future of the site where Osama bin Laden was purportedly shot dead in 2011, with authorities pushing rival plans for a graveyard or playground.
According to media reports, on July 25, based on the advice of the Prime Minister, the President has appointed four new members of the Election Commission of Pakistan. Of these four members, three are former judges of the provincial High Courts, but the fourth member is an ex-bureaucrat.
This is apropos a Business Recorder editorial "The Musharraf saga" carried by the newspaper on Saturday. It has argued, among other things, that "Should we be surprised at Musharraf's treason case ending up as a damp squib? After two and a half years of meandering through the courts, it has reached a not unexpected dead end. The support of the institution Musharraf headed may have been an important factor in this outcome, given that the military has not allowed any military coup maker in the past to be put into the dock either (General Yahya was declared a usurper by the court only after his death)."
This is apropos a news item "Facebook accused of censoring posts on held Kashmir" carried by Business Recorder on Saturday. According to it, academics and activists have accused Facebook of censoring posts about Indian-held Kashmir as a curfew in the region extended into its 14th day following unrest that has left 48 protesters dead.
Good to know that draft of the Companies Bill-2016 is available on SECP's web-site. That the SECP had the benefit of "stakeholders' opinion" in formulation of the draft is also heartening. Agriculture has a lot to do with our culture. It is a way life, not just a means of livelihood. Our folk's love for the land is only second to mother. The reapers engage in their work just as a dancer would in her performance. In formulation of rules of business for agricultural companies, SECP has to give thought to this aspect. To meaningfully work in this filed, SECP may need input from our writers, poets, intellectuals and laureate.