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This is apropos a Business Recorder news item "Growing India-Pakistan tension: Trade regime not changed: Dastgir" carried by the newspaper yesterday. According to it, Federal Minister for Commerce Khurram Dastgir Khan has said that despite diplomatic tension between Pakistan and India trade regime has not been changed.
This is apropos a Business Recorder news item "PM reviews progress on CPEC" carried by the newspaper yesterday. According to it, the meeting reviewed at length the benchmarks set for numerous energy, transport infrastructure and industrial projects in terms of deliverables with a particular focus on development of Gwadar Port along with socio-economic uplift projects in Gwadar.
Business Recorder of 21st November, 2016 carried Nadir Khan's letter on what was proposed in couple of sub-titles in draft of the (then) Companies Act, 2016, pointing out some glaring deficiencies in the draft. It was believed that the government would be going through the Parliament and give the statute what is its due status as an "Act" passed by the Parliament, purging the errors, commissions and anomalies already found. One would have expected that during debate in the Parliament the inaccuracies and shortcomings cited as also the ones found by the parliamentarians will be removed.
This is apropos a clarification of a news item carried by Business Recorder on Monday; according to it, "the Ministry of Commerce maintains 56 commercial offices in 42 countries abroad. These offices are important outposts of Ministry of Commerce for promoting and facilitating Pakistan's trade interests particularly exports and attracting investments into Pakistan.
No doubt the country has lost an erudite and astute politician in the death of former Senator and senior leader of Awami National Party (ANP) Haji Adeel, who passed away after protracted ailment. He was 74.
This is apropos a Business Recorder news item "Trade in services posts over $1bn deficit in Jul-Oct" carried by the newspaper on Saturday. According to it, trade in services posted an over $1 billion deficit during the first four months of this fiscal year owing to lower exports.
"A healthy man does not torture others - generally it is the tortured who turn into torturers" Well a few days ago, i was wrapping up my work and got some time to chit chat with my colleague. He is a qualified accountant and pursuing training in an accountancy firm. Discussion was quite formal and I was impressed on knowing that the people from interior areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa are getting more education and medical awareness. They have positive views towards women education and don't find it wrong if their women strive to pursue professional careers.