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PPP Punjab slams leadership for corrupt practices

Activists of the Pakistan Peoples Party in the Punjab have criticised party leadership for corrupt practices, saying the leadership "has forgotten the plight of poor workers". Majority of the party workers fumed with fury when PPP senior leader Sherry Rehman invited comments after launching a study circle for the Punjab chapter.

They also criticised the close aides of Asif Zardari for their involvement in rampant corruption throughout the five years of PPP government. Sherry Rehman made it clear that she had resigned to become Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States and claimed that she had no idea about corruption in the party, but agreed that the responsible ones be taken to the task. She said, "A very strong media trial of the party is underway. The party leadership will continue to confront all conspirators." She then urged the workers to reform and become part of the study circle to propagate the party manifesto.

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