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There was no surprise in the Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) as status quo was maintained for another two months at 5.75 percent. The SBP sees a comfortable liquidity situation; but it remained silent on the fact that government borrowing from the central bank is back in business. The toll stood, on cash basis, at Rs874 billion in the first nine weeks of the fiscal year and is Rs1200 billion now. According to the SBP act, it has to be net zero by the quarter end ie the position ought to be reversed in three weeks.
This week was projected to be marked by the politics of confrontation and, by extension, divisiveness with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) set to march to Raiwind on 30th September in protest against the lack of any visible progress in investigating the Panama Papers as well as tackling corruption through strengthening government institutions.
From real estate, to high-tech firms to entertainment giants, Chinese investments in the United States, notably California, are moving at a dizzying pace and are on course to smash records again this year.
The less-than-supersonic sale of French Rafale fighter jets to India has highlighted the obstacles facing foreign arms firms seeking to do business with the world's biggest weapons importer.
Capital Market is divided into two components; one deals with equity securities while the other with long-term debt securities. These securities include government securities and corporate securities. Today's discussion is important as the corporate sector regulator (SECP) is making efforts to strengthen the capital market and corporate sector of Pakistan through a legislation. Let us start discussion historically from Dutch East India Company which incorporated in 1602 and it gave birth to the Amsterdam stock exchange. This historical stock exchange is now known as "Euronext Amsterdam" after the merger of Brussels Stock Exchange and Paris Stock Exchange in September, 2000. Nowadays almost every country of the world is incorporating public limited companies and stock exchanges. The basic concept is appreciable which gave rise to the conduct of business on large-scale and securities trade on the stock market. Although debt had been traded in the world in one way or the other since ancient times for stock trade credit goes to Dutch East India Company. This was the first company which introduced the concept of share issuance against equity investment. This can be considered as a compatible mode of doing business as permissible in Islam. Large number of shareholders could gather for equity investment against limited liability.
Dressed in a red-and-black lumberjack shirt, jeans and sneakers, she looked more like 16 than her actual age of 19. The petite au pair wrung her hands as the policeman took her statement. "He didn't rape me, but he kept saying he wanted to have physical relations with me and wanted to kiss me," she said. "That's still wrong, isn't it?" "Of course it is," the policeman said. The young Nepalese woman had come to Denmark to live with a host family as an au pair through a scheme billed as a cultural exchange programme.
Thousands of Parisians round off a hard day's work with a trudge up six flights of stairs to a tiny, stuffy room they resignedly call home. In a city where it is notoriously difficult to find a flat - especially on a low budget and without the right paperwork - many rooms that once served as domestic helpers' sleeping quarters have been turned into apartments for rent. It is borderline illegal to rent out these micro-apartments, typically wedged under a rooftop, as they measure less than nine square metres (100 square feet) and often lack proper ventilation.