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"Finally, we submit that as an independent think tank our job is to undertake an objective review of the economic performance of the Government. We have strongly praised the Government's efforts at finalising the CPEC and have argued that the federal PSDP should be larger in order to accommodate CPEC infrastructure projects. We have also appreciated the PM's Kissan Package and the recently announced Voluntary Tax Compliance Scheme. But, in a democracy, civil society must be allowed to highlight risks, challenges and shortcomings"-Dr Hafiz A. Pasha, Business Recorder, February 8, 2016.
Corruption has been alive and well in Pakistan for over six decades. Soon after the Quaid died and with Liaquat Ali Khan subsequently assassinated in 1951, a small coterie of bureaucrats and their businessmen friends gave it momentum. Even then, it remained within what one optimistically calls "limits". Over the last decade or so, starting with Musharraf's politico-military regime in 2002, corruption went into overdrive, "no-limit corruption" reaching its zenith in the 5 years of Zardari's rule. What is really tragic is that the populace seems to have become apathetic towards the malfeasance force-multiplying and becoming institutionalised.
Long seen as a destination strewn with shortcomings, Iran is making a fresh pitch for tourists, with the recent lifting of economic sanctions providing an opportunity to cash in. The tourism industry has been overlooked by successive governments in Tehran but the deal Iran struck with world powers over its nuclear programme last summer could change that. Along with nine companions including Americans and Germans, China-based Frenchman Yannick Lequelenec said he aims to make "one unique journey" every year. For 2016, he chose Iran.
An Indian newspaper, The Hindu, has quoted a signboard posted at that country's military base camp at Siachen Glacier as saying "snout of the glacier was here on 10th April, 2005" noting that the glacier's starting point has since moved by about a kilometer. It does not take much head scratching to figure out what may have caused it or the catastrophic consequences it holds for all peoples living in this part of the world.
As per the provisions of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, hereinafter to be known as the Ordinance,1 the Commissioner of income tax has been authorised to:
Can Pakistan play a meaningful mediatory role in ironing out Arab-Iranian rift? For a country to undertake a mediatory mission it must have strong credentials with effective diplomacy, robust economy and international standing. No doubt Pakistan is the only Islamic nuclear power and fields a professional military, but the assets notwithstanding, it has had to face manifold problems since the last decade. For instance, it was termed as "epicenter of terrorism" and as both victim and perpetrator of militancy - thereby tarnishing its global image and impeding national development plans.
"Deputy Superintendent of Police Rajab Ali has been jailed for 12 years and will pay a fine of 10.4 million rupees for having assets beyond the source of his income."