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Planning Commission of Pakistan, United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative (OPHI) jointly released earlier this week, a well-prepared report on the intensity of poverty in Pakistan. The report underlines that Pakistan's overall Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) has fallen from 55.2 percent to 38.8 percent of the population, whereas the intensity of poverty on account of deprivation of education, health and standard of living is recorded on the higher end of 50.9 percent.
With hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees risking their lives trying to reach Europe in the last couple of years, wealthy governments have woken up to the need to do more than simply provide food, tents and emergency medical care. And a growing number of organisations, including the United Nations and World Bank, are shifting their approach to offer longer-term help for refugees to become more self-sufficient.
Eurosceptics were triumphant Friday after Britain voted to leave the EU and swiftly demanded referendums in their own countries in what could sound the death knell for the European project. "Yes, I think this is the end of EU. There is no way back from that. The EU has already passed away already," Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders told AFP. "The genie cannot go back into the bottle, the patient has already passed away."
"I was devastated to hear about Amjad Sabri's assassination."
Illicit financial activities enabled by tax havens undermined the fight against poverty. When taxes are evaded, when state assets are taken and put into these havens, all of these things can have a tremendous negative effect on our mission to end poverty and boost prosperity-Jim Yong Kim, President of World Bank.
More than 1000 Muslims were killed and over 100,000 displaced because police stood by and did nothing to stop the massacre during the Gujarat riots in 2002. Ransacking the home of Congress MLA Ehsan Jafri, rioters killed him and other 70 Muslims taking refuge at his house. They then burned and mutilated Jafri's body. The Then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's motivated inaction was brought into stark relief commenting on Ehsan Jafri's firing a pistol in self-defence, "When there is an action there will be a reaction". Not prosecuted because of lack of "prosecutable evidence," the US State Department denied Modi a visa under a 1998 US law that makes foreign officials guilty of "severe violations of religious freedom" ineligible for the US visa.
The European Central Bank is planning to give euro zone banks non-binding guidance by the end of 2016 or early 2017 to cut their bad debt pile, raising the heat on lenders but not forcing their hand, sources said. The ECB, which supervises 129 of the biggest banks in the euro zone, will eventually set confidential quantitative and qualitative targets but not all will necessarily come in writing, the sources told Reuters.