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For whatever the criticism surrounding social media, most of which is perhaps quite on the money, there are certain advantages too, including, arguably the most important, access to knowledge which otherwise might have skipped attention. And recently an article by Michael Snyder on 100 reasons why Janet Yellen does not want the Federal Reserve audited, caught the eye.

Alfred Nobel's last will and testament, which played a pivotal role in Swedish history by creating the now-illustrious Nobel prizes, has gone on display for the first time in Stockholm. Until now, only a handful of people had laid eyes on the original 1895 document that has been stashed away in a safe at the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm.
The robotic revolution that transformed warfare in the skies will soon extend to the deep sea, with underwater spy "satellites," drone-launching pods on the ocean floor and unmanned ships hunting submarines.
I was fortunate to have visited a garden in Japan where I had first-hand philosophical knowledge given to me by the owner of the garden. One which needs to be stated today was that I pointed out that the garden had only white flowers. He countered by saying that I had not looked closely for there is one bush, which has small red flowers. He then went on to say that white connotes purity but there is nothing that is pure in life. Translate that into Pakistan's economy and we see the turmoil that is there because we have not taken care of the extraneous circumstances that matter when humane decisions are to be taken. They just do not understand the philosophical undertones of decisions and governance. Economics is made richer by the subjective perception of the Pakistani mind. The individual Pakistani is now in a mess because the government of any day does not understand the requirements of the people of this country. There are as such no Pakistani universal culture so that decisions have to be taken on site-specific basis and on an examination of the individual mind. The answers to the many social problems are outside the domain of the economist - wherever he may be perched - the private or the public sector. The private sector has a limited view and bases the solutions of hearsay and gut feeling derived from limited information. It is obvious from some of the statements that one reads in the various media reports. Some aspects clearly remain outside the domain of economics. The social system of North and South Waziristan is a case in point. Cholistan and Thar are beside Balochistan where the obvious is clear. What is technically true of economics is also true of other technical subjects. Let me give you a current issue and I was flabbergasted to read on water in the press. The water efficiency in agriculture is about 10% and therefore management is an issue. Equity, efficiency and efficacy are issues that need to be addressed. Does water stand alone? No it does not. I will restrict myself to agriculture sector, which has used enormous amount of water. The role of the irrigation engineers is also germane to the current problem. Engineering is not the solution to the issues that we have in this sector; ever heard these engineers talk about irrigation agronomy. Probably they have never heard of the subject as it involves the interplay of different subjects. These subjects are confusing to the angels of irrigation. Some of the useless myths that we have been given by these not so current gentlemen are based on innuendo(s). They have never spoken of the personal angle to all these projects.
When professional boxer and model Tomomi Takano heard that children in Japan's Fukushima prefecture were becoming unfit and overweight as the 2011 nuclear crisis there limited the time they could play outside, she decided to use her skills to help.
Like most students in Burundi, Serge Claver Nzisabira can barely make ends meet, even when he shares a miniscule two-room address with four others in a Bujumbura suburb.
"So India too is out of the World Cup and strangely I didn't find a single individual who was supporting the Indian team."


Index Closing Chg%
Arrow DJIA 17,678.23 0.23
Arrow Nasdaq 4,863.36 0.27
Arrow S&P 2,056.15 0.24
Arrow FTSE 6,895.33 1.37
Arrow DAX 11,843.66 0.18
Arrow CAC-40 5,006.35 0.29
Arrow Nikkei 19,471.12 1.39
Arrow H.Seng 24,497.08 0.13
Arrow Sensex 27,457.58 2.33

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ICT 2014

Foreign Debt $61.805bn
Per Cap Income $1,386
GDP Growth 4.14%
Average CPI 8.6%
Trade Balance $-999 mln
Exports $2.064 bln
Imports $3.063 bln
WeeklyMarch 13, 2015
Reserves $16.273 bln