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Although Brazilian soyabean plantings are poised for the smallest year-on-year increase in a decade, supply concerns are not warranted - yet. Brazil is the primary supplier of soyabeans to the world, accounting for about 42 percent of global soyabean trade. China, its main customer, purchased 72 percent of the soyabean volume Brazil put up for sale in 2014-15.
Export premiums for soyabeans shipped from the US Gulf Coast were mostly steady on Thursday, underpinned by tight spot supplies and good demand for near term shipments, traders said. Top soya importer China is filling its October and November shipping needs with purchases from the United States amid strong near term crush margins, traders said.
China has launched a probe into soaring sugar imports following complaints by its domestic industry, the government said on Thursday, the latest sign that trade tensions between major commodities producing nations is intensifying. The Ministry of Commerce said the probe will look at imports since 2011 and into possible protectionist measures provided by foreign countries for their producers. It will last six months, with an option to extend the deadline, it said.
Speculators increased their net long position in raw sugar contracts on ICE to a record in the week ended September 20, as prices soared nearly 10 percent to four-year highs, US Commodity Futures Trading Commission data showed on Friday. The dealers lifted their bullish stance in arabica coffee futures and options to an 8-1/2-year high while they cut it in cocoa for the fourth straight week, taking it to a 3-1/2-year low, the data showed. In sugar, speculators added 24,608 contracts to their net long position, bringing it to 286,600 contracts, the highest since records became publicly available in 2006.
Brazilian sugar cane mills are increasing purchases of machinery in an effort to improve efficiency in the field as the robust demand outlook for the sweetener encourages companies to boost investments. Makers of cane harvesters such as John Deere and AGCO are ramping up production in Brazil as deliveries rise, finally seeing past investments in local manufacturing lines beginning to pay off, said executives.
Egypt has reversed its controversial zero-tolerance policy on the common grains fungus ergot, the government said on Wednesday, backtracking on an import regulation that had all but blocked its access to global wheat. Egypt, the world's largest buyer of wheat, has seen its imports grind to a halt since it imposed a ban on ergot last month, with three successive state tenders cancelled on the back of mass boycotts by suppliers who say the condition is impossible to guarantee.
The swaying durum crops on Dave Marzolf's farm look lush and even, bearing full kernels of the wheat used to make pasta. On a closer look though, Marzolf's durum kernels are infected with fusarium, a disease that produces a toxin known as vomitoxin and has forced him to sell the crop for animal feed.