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Maritime Training Institute, Karachi

Established in 1998, it is FRIST EVER INSTITUTE WHICH IS ISO-9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 & ISM 1.12 CERTIFIED. Captioned institute is an International and National Awards Winner, and one of the premier and leading institute in Pakisatn imparting education and training in befitting manner using sophisticated and ultra modern facilities which includes state of arts simulators namely.

1) Transas Navitrainer" Shiphandling simulator"

2) Transas LICOS "Liquid Cargo chemical and Liquid Gas Simulator"

3) Transas GMDSS "Global Maritime Distress Safety System Simulator"

4) Transas ERS "Engine Room Simulator"

5) Transas ECDIS "Electronic Chart Display and Information System Simulator)

6) Maersk QC & RTG "Quayside Crane and Rubber/Rail type Gantry Crane Simulators"


Captioned institue has subscribed three (3) DIGITAL LIBRARIES viz:-

1) ENGINEERING (Mechanical, Marine and in renewable energy)

2) MARITIME STUDIES (Navigation and astrologiocal studies)


FACULTY: very riched faculty in all majors and discipline).

Average years of accumulated experience of faculty is more than a 100 years, posses very all of them have vast experience in their respective fields and rather they are authority in their particulars subject, they are:

MARINERS, ENGINEERS, EDUCATIONEST and TECHNOCRTAES. They are all approved tutuor of either SQA - SCOTTISH QUALIFICATION AUTHORITY, UK and/or EDEXCEL - A PEARSON COMPANY, UK and UNIVERSITY OF KARACHI, to conduct and deliver their courses, most of our faculty memebrs are either EXAMINER and/or INVIGILATORS and assessor of various educatioinal bodies of Pakistan and abroad. They are not only teaching in the institute but also involved on boardship training and Offshore training THIS IS THE ONLY INSTITUTE IN PAKISATN OFFERING AND DELIVERING EDUCATION AND TRAINING ONBOARDSHIP AND OFFSHORE STATIONS.

CAREER BUILDING COURSE: offers various career building training programs VIZ;

A) GP III Ratings Training in which more than 200 candidates graduating ever year this is career building program and after graduating they become bona fide seaman and join the Merchant Navy as sailor on board ships.

B) HND - Higher National Diploma Program of Two (2) years in partnership with CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE, everfirst and only institute which offering this unique program in which FIRST YEAR to be studied at Maritime Training Institute, Karachi wheras SECOND YEAR to be studied at CITY OF GLASGOW COLLEGE, UK thus commencing their studies at Pakistan and completing it at UK, average 60-70 cadets graduating every year, after completion of HND program they passed out as CADET in their particlar field either DECK CADET or ENGINE CADET.

JOIN MERCAHT NAVY AND GO TO SEA & EMPLOYABILTY: Maritime Training Institute, Karachi is the only institute in Pakistan which is in campaign with UK for JOIN MERCHANT NAVY and GO TO SEA PROGRAM and by delivering regular training program of GPIII and HND contributing to develop maritime sector more than 200 - 250 Cadets joins sea becoming qualified mariners in addition to the above captioned institute offers verities of short and specialised course thus increasing employability.

EMPLOYABILTY: Maritime Training Institute, Karachi is the only institute who is an official Training Provider of following international shipping organisation viz:-

1) NITC- National Iranian Tanker Company, TEHRAN - IRAN

2) Warmseas Shipping & Trading, Dubai-UAE

3) UASC - United Arab Shipping Company, DUBAI-UAE

4) PNSC - Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Karachi- Pakistan

5) MSC - Mediterranean Shipping Company

6) Maersk Lines conducting various specialised courses for their staff as and when required.

STCW2010 Manila amendments:

Mariime Training Institue, Karachi is first institute which developped and reviewed all their course as per requireemnt of STCW2010 manila ammendmentd thus keeping in abreast with NEED OF TODAY AND REQUIREMENTS OF TOMORROW.

ANCILARY COURSES: actively involved in conducting numbers of maritime and shipping related biscope courses, which are higly valued and job oreineted courses, most of our courses are approved either by local administration, Universities or MCA- Maritime Costguard Agency, UK after completing the relevant courses the candidate will either get promotion in their respected field or get the opportunity to secure good jobs. Number of students received very attractive offers from multinational companies and they joined according to their preference.

MBA in Shipping & Logistic in affiliation with University of Karachi:

Ever first instituite which affiliated with University of Karachi to deliver MBA in Shipping & Logistics two years program in order to abridge gap to gain Managerial Position in shipping industry.

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