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Activity at Karachi & Qasim ports

The Karachi Port handled 89,706 tonnes of cargo comprising 61,456 tonnes of import cargo and 28,250 tonnes of export cargo including 4,630 loaded and empty containers during the last 24 hours ending at 0700 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 61,456 tonnes comprised of 35,657 tonnes of containerised cargo; 253 tonnes of general cargo; 1,321 tonnes of palm kernal expeller and 24,225 tonnes of oil/liquid cargo.

The total export cargo of 28,250 tonnes comprised of 28,061 tonnes of containerised cargo and 189 tonnes of general cargo. As many as 4,630 containers comprising of 2,418 containers import and 2,212 containers export were handled during the last 24 hours on Tuesday. The breakup of imported containers shows 1,075 of 20's and 554 of 40's loaded while 157 of 20's and 39 of 40's empty containers, whereas that of exported containers shows 885 of 20's and 256 of 40's loaded containers while 517 of 20's and 149 of 40's empty containers were handled during the business hours.

There were three ships namely MOL Direction, Posen and Bunga Lucerne carrying containers and oil tanker respectively sailed out to sea during the reported period. There were five vessels viz. Posen, Hanjin White, Chemroad Journey, Shalamar and Han De carrying containers, oil tankers and general cargo respectively currently at the berths. There were two ships namely Hanjin White and Artenos carrying containers respectively sailed out to sea on Tuesday, while two ships namely Shalamar and Sea Glory carrying oil tankers respectively are expected to sail on Wednesday.

There was one vessel viz. Al-Mahboobah carrying chemical due to arrive on Tuesday, while ten vessels viz. Kota Kasturi, Wan Hai-172, PAC Aries, Hyundai Jakarta, SSL Mumbai, Oriental Ruby, GT Star, Priya, Mathawee Naree and Darya Bhakti carrying containers, oil tankers, mogas, DAP and general cargo respectively due to arrive on Wednesday.

A cargo volume of 81,958 tonnes comprising 51,121 tonnes of import cargo and 30,837 tonnes of export cargo inclusive 3,332 loaded and empty containers (TEUs) was handled at Port Qasim during the last 24 hours on Tuesday. The total import cargo of 51,121 tonnes includes 10,000 tonnes of furnace oil; 6,750 tonnes of palm oil; 1,900 tonnes of chemical and 32,471 tonnes of containerised cargo.

The total export cargo of 30,837 tonnes includes 30,837 tonnes of containerised cargo. As many as 3,332 containers comprising of 1,709 containers import and 1,623 containers export were handled during the last 24 hours on Tuesday. There was one ship namely CV Safmarine Ngmai with containers sailed out sea on Tuesday morning, while another ship namely MT Super Forte carrying edible oil is expected to sail on the same day afternoon.

A total number of five vessels viz. CV Safmarine Ngmai, CV MSC Mandraki, MV Atlantic Miracle, MT Super Forte and MT Arietis currently occupied berths to load/offload containers, chemical, palm oil and furnace oil respectively during the last 24 hours. As many as six ships namely RDO Concord, Fowairet, Neer, Epic St George, Ariteis and Al-Salam-II carrying containers, chemical, furnace oil and diesel oil at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim on Tuesday.

There were four vessels viz. CV RDO Concord, CV Fowairet, MT Al-Salam-II and MT Polaris carrying containers, diesel oil and palm oil expected to take berths at Qasim International Containers Terminal, FOTCO Oil Terminal and Liquid Cargo Terminal respectively on Tuesday. There are two ships namely CV Maersk Kingston and CV CMA CGM Benoiz carrying containers respectively due to arrive on Tuesday.

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