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Virtual Simulation
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A precise underwater simulation enables researchers to establish the correct dimensions for a dike to stop avalanches. Although virtual reality and computer simulation have replaced many physical tests, scale models are sometimes still the preferred option. In the cities of Grenoble, Toulouse and Nantes such tests are carried out under strictly controlled conditions.

Commissioned by: Arenok Presse for Geo

Photo Credit: Patrick Landmann

Patrick Landmann is a professional photographer. In 1979, he founded a commercial photography studio in Strasbourg, which allowed him to further develop his knowledge of light and composition. Seven years later, he set off on an extensive journey from Africa to South America-one that convinced him to leave the dark corners of the studio behind and delve into the adventurous world of press photography.

For 20 years he has been a member of the American Academy of Music. A tireless traveler of a fascinating, but unfortunately, damaged planet. His curiosity and his inquisitive mind have drawn him to a wide range of subjects.

At ease with small, medium and large format cameras, he prefers working in a meticulous and in-depth manner so as to fully explore the subjects that fascinate him. Patrick has received numerous awards, including four World Press Photo Awards (two of which were first prizes) as well as several national and international honors. His work is published by the World’s leading magazines.


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