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An AI recruiter has been developed by the San Francisco based Mya Systems. The robot would be able to evaluate resumes, schedule and carry out applicant screenings and also congratulate people on their first working day!

People worried about AI stealing human jobs; however, this AI robot will actually help people get jobs. Known as Mya, short for ‘my assistant’, the robot talks with the applicants through either computer or smart phone. It asks some of the usual questions that are predictable in early job interviews like the availability to start working, the amount of money, years of experience etc.

Eyal Grayevsky, the founder of Mya Systems said, “Even when candidates don't get a job, they're excited to hear back at all because they're so used to the black hole of resumes.”

For clarification of Mya as a robot, the word ‘Bot’ appears next to Mya’s name otherwise, no probable signs are present that it’s a robot texting back and not a human. The experience is just like a normal text message conversation, reported CNN.

After chatting with Mya, if she considers the applicant as a good fit, she would further schedule an in-person interview with a human hiring manager. Along with that, Mya also sends directions through Google Maps and gives tips about what they should wear during the interview.

However, if the applicants don’t meet the requirements, Mya recommends other jobs for them based on certain keywords and zip codes.

The robot is cloud-based and integrates into the organization’s applicant-tracking software. The responses are very realistic that 72% interviews didn’t realize they were talking to a robot, according to the stats by Mya Systems.

Grayevsky informed, “Every employer has a different take. Some want it to be more strict, others want it to be edgy and fun. We can customize that.”

Mya is the first of its kind AI system that interviews job candidates. The robot is already in use at various companies. According to Grayevsky, three of the five largest U.S. recruiting firms already use the service. The company has also recently announced $11.4 million in new funding this week, as Tech Crunch reports.

Through this invention, Grayevsky aims to eradicate the concept of frictional unemployment, which is the inefficiency in the economy when people are in between jobs. “We can move the needle on this, and that's what gets us really excited.”

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