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imageThe internet popular micro-blogging website Twitter, has add itself to the list of companies pursuing to acquire to the struggling media company Yahoo.

According to New York Post, the Twitter’s management met with Yahoo’s management, led by Chief Executive Marissa Mayer, several weeks ago to discuss a possible merger of the companies, informed sources.

Executives from both companies joined heads together, studying Yahoo’s financials, and deciding whether a twitter-Yahoo combination would make sense. “Twitter is the destination for instant news, and Yahoo has a lot of eyeballs on its site,” said one source.

“The idea isn’t as crazy as you might think,” it added.

Reports informed that Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO and co founder, was not however, present at the meeting, which was not taken lightly.

“When your CEO doesn’t show up for a management meeting, you have to wonder how serious it was,” the source said, adding that Twitter’s interest wasn’t driven by “some huge thesis — it was a flyer.”

Giving the reasoning behind Twitter possible interest in merging with Yahoo, as USA Today reported, Twitter, which has 1 billion active monthly users, can use the content areas such as Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance, for instance, "they do have these intense verticals," said Rita McGrath corporate strategy expert and professor at Columbia Business School.

"The Finance people are fanatical about finance, and that's where they go and for Twitter that makes a lot of sense because what they need are people who are participating in the conversation and tweeting about it. Anything that gives people a reason to communicate about something is going to be valuable to them," added Grath.

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