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imageVarious Pakistani actors have now been working in different movies across the border, which has become a serious concern for the Indian cinema. However, the ‘Cine and Television Artistes Association’ (Cintaa) in India has decided to take strict action against actors who have not completed the required visa formalities and ones who have not enrolled under this union.

Foreign artistes who are planning to work in Bollywood have to now register under the ‘Cintaa’ before starting their work in this film industry. Pakistani singer turned actor Ali Zafar who has worked with many Bollywood projects has also been summoned by Cintaa to prove his employment visa.

Ali Zafar while talking to local media said, “Indeed, I was contacted by Cintaa via e-mail to clear confusion regarding some documents, which was promptly done by my office to their satisfaction”. However, the singer refused to comment on whether the new restrictions by Cintaa are going to have an impact on cross border collaborations of Pakistani artistes.

President Gajendra Chauhan of Cintaa accused Ali Zafar for working in Indian cinema without a work permit. He said Pakistani singer initially come to India for work, he had the required visa which was later extended till 2012. However, post 2013 the actor has been working on a visitor’s visa.

He said, “We have written to the External Affairs ministry asking for guidelines to be followed by Pakistani artistes who come to seek work here. Pakistan has not been kind to Indian artistes and their artistes come and take away our people’s work here; this is not acceptable to us at all,” Indian media reported.

According to the Indian newspaper, Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Mumbai will also stage protests against Pakistani actors currently working in Bollywood films. They feel that Pakistani artistes should not be allowed to work in Bollywood as India has great talent and there is no need to look across the border.

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