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imageLAHORE: Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, candidate from NA-162, has said that the solution of all problems of the world, including Pakistan, lies in the enforcement of the divine system of Islam.

Addressing corner meetings in his constituency on Monday, he claimed that the JI would built Pakistan as a truly independent, sovereign, progressive and respectable state where the rights of all society, including the women and the minorities would be protected and hundred per cent literacy would be achieved within five years.

The JI would utilize the natural resources in the best manner to achieve self reliance within a short span of time.

Addressing another meeting of minority population, he said that the minorities were a part and parcel of the country and they would be given every protection.

Liaqat Baloch condemned the prolonged load shedding of electricity in the country and said it was the duty of the care taker government to take immediate notice of the problem and solve it without delay.

Meanwhile, JI deputy Secretary General, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, a candidate from NA 121, addressing election meetings, said that the JI on coming to power, would check the line losses and end load shedding of electricity within six months.

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