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supreme-court-of-pakistanISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday directed Sindh Chief Secretary, Advocate General and Inspector General of Police to submit a comprehensive report over its directives on Karachi law and order situation and subsequent orders of October and November last.


A three-member bench headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry also sought a report in the light of Aneeta Turab's case regarding protection to civil servants.


The bench directed the concerned authorities to apprise it about the action they had taken against the out of turn promotees in police force and also cite the reasons if they had not taken any steps.


During course of proceedings, the Chief Justice inquired from Advocate General Sindh Abdul Fatah Malik that they had passed a comprehensive order on the Karachi law and order on October 6 last but what steps they had taken to implement it.


The advocate general said that they had implemented 100 per cent of its directives.


The Chief Justice questioned whether the peace had restored in Karachi? the law and order was being deteriorated.


He told Malik that they had already issued them a notice on a contempt plea moved by senator Haji Adeel of Awami National Party, for not implementing Court's judgement.


"After lapse of so much time, if you failed to implement our judgement, then definitely you would have to face the contempt proceedings," he warned him.


The AG said that the killing incidents were not restricted to Karachi alone.


The police personnel were being killed by faceless enemy.


The CJ observed that mere holding of flags could not show national patriotism but making strives for the national security could exhibit true love for country.


The AG replied that if a person considered it as a national flag it was alright but if he did not regard it as same, it could be reduced to mere two and half meter piece of cloth.


The Chief Justice told him that when the Court laid its ruling over the issue, everyone in the province lauded it and questioned the steps for de-politicizing of the police force.


"How could you expect to improve situation when you hire employees from other departments for the police force," he remarked.


Malik replied that they had arrested a number of persons involved in crimes who were being tried.


The CJ told him that it was a phenomenon world over and cited US school shooting incident.


He observed that the authorities concerned should have taken immediate steps to control occurrence of such incidents.


The AG maintained that there were 2 million aliens residing in Karachi.


He said after Court's observation, they had demoted 5000 shoulder promotions given to police officers while the relevant Ordinance also lapsed.


"No more political appointments in police force are made now," he added in affirmative tone.


However, he complained that whenever, they reverted an out of turn promotion, the said official approached the High Court for stay.


The Chief Justice told him to bring a petition before them for grant of leave.


About other steps of implementation, he said that they had paid compensation to 245 bereaved families of those police officers who had died in terrorist related incidents whereas 396 cases of land grabbing were also registered.


The Chief Justice told him that yesterday he was going through a report submitted with him which showed that a total of 1324 cases were pending in the Anti Terrorist Courts due to want of witnesses.


He told him that the relevant provision of Anti Terrorist Act 1997 provided complete protection to witnesses.


The AG replied that the witnesses were being killed before they reached the courts and cited the Wali Babar's case, in which all the witnesses were gunned down.


The Chief Justice questioned as to why the whole administration had been paralysed.


He admitted that out of ten complaints, it had been reduced to only 2 cases.


The Chief Justice said that the authorities had to do something to maintain peace in Karachi which was a face of Pakistan.


The AG contended that ratio of killing and extortions was also decreasing with every passing day.


The CJ observed that they were aware that being a big city, the crime ratio could not be brought to zero but the incidents of target killings, recovery of torsos in bags, and bhatta should end.


Meanwhile a petitioner Akhtar Hussain Naqvi, appeared and claimed that Waseem beater was running a gambling den as police officer and was so influential that nobody dared to nab him.


He also alleged that additional secretary and IG Sindh Fayyaz Leghari had links with him which were vehemently denied by both authorities.


They expressed their ignorance about whereabouts of 'beater.'


Upon bench's query two regional officer of Sindh Bashir Memon and Sana Ullah, apprised the bench that the person with the same name and illegal activities existed in Karachi.


The CJ appreciated the police officers for presenting true account of the person named.


Upon Naqvi's request, the bench directed IG Police to ensure his protection.


While the bench noted on contempt plea moved by Haji Adeel that since it had sought a complete compliance report from the Advocate Sindh so they would take it up after receiving the same.


Further hearing was adjourned till January 22.


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