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commodities market 400DADU: The flour price in Dadu district has shot up from Rs.32/- per kg to Rs.40/- per kg and beyond with severe shortage of the commodity in the market reportedly owing to non-release of wheat to the flour mills and grinding units by Sindh food department.


The citizens complained that the wheat flour is not available even at the state-run utility stores.


The owners of wheat grinding units (Chakis) said there are 400 Chakis in Dadu district, which are released 10 bags each in a week that cannot meet the requirement of 1.6 million population of the district.


Sikandar Ali Lakiar, chairman of the Chaki owners’ association Dadu district, told that they have no big flour mill in the district after Jamshoro was made a new district carving it out of the old limits of Dadu district. “Now, the Jamshoro district has 800 flour mills and Chakis in Kotri and other areas that are getting 275 wheat bags a day by the food department.


“Although, the Dadu and Jamshoro are now two separate districts but the wheat quota has not been fixed separately,” he said demanding increased quota as per population of district.


Meanwhile, Citizens’ Action Committee leaders Javed Ghalu, Dr. Jabbar Babar, Gulsher Solangi, Inayat Jamali and others protested against shortage of wheat flour and warned of agitation if the shortage was not met immediately.


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