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Silvio-BerlusconiAYESHA SIDDIQUI


KARACHI: Former Italian prime minister and business tycoon, Silvio Berlusconi has announced his engagement to 27 year old girlfriend, Francesca Pascale.


The 67 year old Berlusconi stated the age gap of almost forty-nine years a “little excessive” though he acknowledges her entrance in his life as a “continuous joy.”


Berlusconi has five children with two marriages. However, his second marriage to Veronica Lario has not been finalized in terms of divorce. He is also fighting charges on paying for underage prostitution and stated the incident was placed to defame him and the Italian government.


Sources add Francesca Pascal worked as a provincial councilor at Berlusconi’s political party and also is a founding member of Berlusconi’s support group “Silvio, we miss you.”


The first daughter of Berlusconi is also cited by the media as being a great friend of Miss Pascale.


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