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cornHAMBURG: A group of Israeli private buyers has issued an international tender to purchase 115,000 tonnes of corn, 35,000 tonnes of feed wheat, 20,000 tonnes of feed barley and 20,000 tonnes of sorghum, European traders said on Monday.


All the grains can be sourced from any origin. The tender deadline is Wednesday, Dec. 5.


Shipment was sought in early 2013.


Shipment of 30,000 tonnes of corn, 10,000 tonnes of wheat, 10,000 tonnes of barley and 20,000 tonnes of sorghum was sought between Jan. 20-Feb. 10.


Shipment of 45,000 tonnes of corn and 5,000 tonnes of barley was sought between Feb. 20-Mar. 10.


Shipment of 40,000 tonnes of corn, 25,000 tonnes of feed wheat and 5,000 tonnes of feed barley was sought between Mar. 20-Apr. 10.


In the last reported Israeli grains tender on Nov. 1, a consortium of private buyers purchased about 90,000 tonnes of corn and about 25,000 tonnes of feed barley thought likely to be sourced from Ukraine.

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