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Dawlance-Canton-FairKARACHI: Dawlance, Pakistan’s no.1 home appliances brand, has set its eyes towards attaining global recognition by participating in the 112th China Import and Export Fair, popularly known as China Canton Fair. China Canton Fair has been underway from October 15th, 2012 until October 19th, 2012 in Guangzhou city – the capital and main manufacturing hub of China. Dawlance has participated in the fair with the intention of displaying their portfolio to international buyers and expand the scope of their business to international markets.


The China Canton Fair is amongst one of the world’s biggest trade fairs and is held biannually every spring and autumn with the total numbers of exhibitors exceeding 24,000. Enterprises from all over the world take part in the fair including trade companies, scientific research institutes, manufacturers and service companies. Through the Canton fair, Dawlance seeks to establish itself in the league of global industry leaders in home appliances category to establish that its products are at par with best international brands.


Talking about Dawlance’s participation in the China Canton Fair, Nabeel Saeed, VP Communications, Dawlance, said, “Our decision to take part in the China Canton Fair is of strategic nature and takes us one step closer to building our positive image in the international market. We already have our products available in a variety of countries where we are gradually gaining strong foothold. China Canton Fair is a top-notch exhibition attracting a large number of international buyers and thus presents excellent opportunities to high-quality brands like Dawlance to showcase their offerings and discover new, high-potential growth markets. We are confident that our products deliver the high-performance that international consumers expect and are certain that we will fare well in global markets.”


Dawlance has been proactive enough to bring to Pakistani market the right solutions at the right price and now it aims to strengthen its presence in international markets with the same game plan. The over-whelming response that the Dawlance stall received at the China Canton Fair substantiates its ideology that by offering valuable & relevant solutions in the market and delivering on consumer expectations, brands can break out of the clutter and achieve preferential status in the minds of consumers, both locally and globally.

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